Will Costa Rica go to the World Cup in Brazil 2014

Yesterday Costa Rica won its place together with 5 other countries from North & Central America and the Caribbean to go to the finals to see which 3 countries can compete in the World Cup in Brazil in 2014.

The coach of Costa Rica is answering the questions.

Why today (yesterday) it was so overwhelming compared to other games in the knock out round?

That’s soccer, sometimes there are opportunities. We want to have consistency, but it are different games. There are things to take in consideration, such as the motivation and today (yesterday) we controlled the ball. This is how we want to play, but this is not always possible. It’s like all teams. I congratulate the group for their commitment, mentality, and respect. The match was tough from the start. My intention is that we always play well.

What can Costa Rica expect from the hexagonal knowing all classified teams?

The process continues. Suddenly you have to make some changes, but the base is there. Some players need to mature in friendly matches, while others are ready to play the finals. I think we have to give continuity to this. I’ve always said that the selection is open, for no one the doors are closed. You have to correct some things. We’ve had tough games in many ways, but we have improved our concentration. Now we have different schemes for the circumstances.

Honduras sent a message to defeat Canada, 8-1. What message sends Costa Rica with these seven goals to Guyana?

It is not a message. It is not to say that Costa Rica or is the worst or best. The game was presented well. There were lots of opportunities to make goals, that’s soccer.

How do you catalogue the reaction of the fans whistling against Michael Barrantes?

I want to thank the fans for their presence here at the National Stadium in Costa Rica, but they should take in consideration players have feelings as well. The last player who I wanted change today (yesterday) was Barrantes. I have come to love and support the players in difficult times. I think the fans should respect the players.

A few days ago you said Costa Rica would continue to the hexagonal and we did. Do you think Costa Rica will be in Brazil 2014?

Yes, I still think so. I also believe in Costa Rica. Every time I look at this group, the more I am convinced that we will go to Brazil. You have to work hard, but the group has assimilated nicely tactical engagement. I like the way we move.

There comes an evaluation of the Executive Committee of the Fedefutbol. What do you think your score will be?

I qualify well. We had difficulties and we made some mistakes, like losing the match with Mexico here and draw with El Salvador, something that never crossed my mind. But now we will correct things. We have a good working process and we have entered a stage of efficiency with the players. Went well, not perfect. It has not been easy.

How will you handle the preparation of the Hexagonal?

You have to give more competition to players like (Cristian) Gamboa or Geancarlo  (Gonzalez), you have to give more friction and weight to the team I liked the work of (Randall) Brenes and (Alvaro) Saborio in the points, but we need to try alternatives that can meet different requirements. Rest assured that 12 of this group of 22 will be in the UNCAF.

There is talk that the Hexagonal will be very even, with the exception of Mexico. Do you think the same?

All rivals are tough, Panama, Honduras, Mexico. In the competition it gets tough, it’s the same in South America. Not only Brazil and Argentina win everything. There are teams that are taking away points.

Why did you not put Cristian Lagos to give some minutes?

Had to try the scheme we had and started with Yeltsin (Tejeda) because he was killed in El Salvador, had to encourage him. There will be a moment to give the opportunity to Cristian Lagos.

Go Costa Rica!

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