Tortuga Island

One of Costa Rica’s landmark tourist destination s is just a shora boat ride up the Coast from Puntarenas, Montezuma, Tambor and Curu. World famous for its white sand beaches lined with tall Coconut Palms, Tortuga Island has crystal clear water with no Ocean currents whihc makes this the ideal place for beginners and young people alike to swim and practice their snorkeling skills.

Due to the classic beauty of Tortuga, cruise ships from Puntarenas visit the island daily bringing toursits that are bussed down from San Jose on a full day tour. The boats from Montezuma, Tambor and Curu arrive a couple of hours before the Cruise ships begin to show up and have the island all to themselves. When the cruise ships begin to arrive with people from around the world that invade the island with their BBQ’s, tropical drinks and Marimba bands. Let the party begin! It is not uncommon to see a couple of hundred people during the summer months dancing under the coconut palms and snorkeling or kayaking in the crystal clear waters of Tortuga Island.

For those who like to hike, there are footpaths on the island that can be enjoyed while taking in the ambience and nature at Tortuga Island.

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