The Independence Torch arrived in Costa Rica

The independence torch aroused again the feeling of patriotism among thousands of Costa Rican students since yesterday, when she entered Costa Rica.

Dozens of children and students welcomed the torch at the border of Costa RIca with Nicaragua, Peñas Blancas and many others received it in their schools. In addition, about 20,000 bear the torch along the 386 km route to Cartago, where the torch will arrive today at 8 p. m.

One was Alba Marin, student from La Cruz, who even trained specially how to carry the torch. She practices on the beach. As did her teammate Alejandro Espinoza, who said he was very happy to carry the torch for about 200 meters. “It is a very great emotion and a great responsibility,” said the young Tico from Guanacaste, the northern province of Costa Rica.

That pride fueled the residents of La Cruz, who, early on, took to the sidewalks to witness the passing of the torch. Meanwhile, outside the community, kids and adults, with bicycles with flags, escorted the torch to Liberia which is a symbol of freedom.

Even the heavy downpour yesterday at noon did not made them surrender. That uproar seemed to portray the message of hours ago, when Nicaraguan students received the torch. “We must live without differences between the two countries come together in one place,” said Yendry Solorzano a tenth year student of the College of La Fortuna de Bagaces. Those words were shared by other students as well. For them, the flame of liberty must symbolize the desire to revive the Central American countries. After these words, the torch started the journey to Cartago, where it will arrive today at 8 pm.

It is beautiful to see how proud the Ticos are of Costa Rica. Independence day is tomorrow the 15th of September, another national holiday in Costa Rica. Viva the peace in Costa Rica.’

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