When buying real estate in Costa Rica

How should you buy real estate in Costa Rica?

The thought of real estate in Costa Rica is exciting! Whether you are planning retirement or to try and run a business it is definitely worth the extra time to know where you are buying and to do all the proper investigation before you make that big step to buy!

Just recently Josefina and her husband Edwin were coming to Costa Rica from Paris France to buy real estate and retire here. They looked at many different lots with one of the local realtors but in the end bought their dream property directly from the owner. Now the owner, who was very cordial and nice told them they did not need a realtor to buy his property. In the end, the couple thought they were saving a substantial amount of money not having to pay a realtor. Edwin was very polite and explained the situation to the realtor even though she suggested that he be very careful that there were many details and property studies that should be done.

real estate in Costa Rica

real estate in Costa Rica

The real estate was purchased and the owner ecstatic with his sell and back to the EEUU he went. However, recently Edwin called back his realtor to explain to her that his property was tied up at the municipality as there were leans on the property that Edwin and Josefina did not know about.

In the end, the money they saved not paying commission to the realtor they are now spending with lawyers to get their property legal!! Remember your realtor is here to help you avoid getting scammed! Also take in consideration that the seller pays the commission, not the buyer. And a licensed realtor knows the deals and how to negotiate the best price. Make sure that your real estate in Costa Rica is the right one and done the right way!