History of Costa Rica

The history of Costa Rica is a triumph of peace over hostility due to the peaceful atmosphere of this country. Studies in Costa Rica confirmed that many civilizations have settled in this region for 10,000 years, and after the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors.

Many indigenous civilizations have disappeared, with Costa Rica home, leaving behind mysteries and wonders for future generations. One of these wonders are hundreds of rocks that have been found on the Pacific coast, perfectly spherical, ranging from the size of a baseball to rock the size of a car. Objects gold and jade are other treasures left by this ancient civilization, and now can be admired in museums in the Central Valley. More recently, ancient Indian ruins found around the Central Valley, revealing sophisticated aqueducts and canals, as well as magnificent buildings that are beyond imagination.

By the time of the arrival of Columbus, had four main tribes living in Costa Rica. The east coast was the domain of the Caribbean, while Borucas, Diquis Chibchas and lived in the south-west. For starters, these populations were not numerous and when the Spanish arrived, were responsible for almost disappear them, some escaped and others perished, yet many settlers established colonies in Central America and Mexico, which finally won its independence from Spain in 1821.

Because of this historic declaration, Costa Rica declared itself as a democracy, with a president, parliament or elected publicly. Early coffee became the main product of Costa Rica, and the coffee oligarchy became the ruling class. Other products such as bananas also helped the economic growth of Costa Rica. All these efforts of agriculture made possible the improvement of roads, telecommunications systems, building roads, railways, electricity and making education available to all. Realizing this, investors around the world created profitable businesses that exist even today.

Many great presidents we’ve had, and not so memorable, Costa Rica forged today. No doubt, and to date, the greatest achievement of Costa Rica was the dissolution of the army after the civil war of 1948, and mandated under former President José Figueres Ferrer, and that forever changed the face of our nation, and making what is today a nation warm, quiet and peaceful. Some came and went, until the ex-President Oscar Arias put Costa Rica in the eyes of the world, winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 1987 for his efforts in Central American conflicts.

Today Costa Rica is still a peace-loving country, no army, however has the highest literacy rate in the world, and many companies such as Intel, has established its corporation here. Tourism also plays a very important role, so that Costa Ricans have learned to value and appreciate the benefits that foreign investment can bring. If you visit us you will notice that everyone in Costa Rica are friendly and always willing to help.