Obama once again President of the US

Was the reelection of Barack Obama positive for Costa Rica, the future will tell. The re-election of Barack Obama yesterday, second Democratic president who renews his mandate since 1945, caused a wave of enthusiastic people in the country, although most of the media highlights the economic challenges that are presented.

Obama receives congratulations from the world, while China and Russia pray that the Obama administration is successful.

“The best is yet to come” “The night of Obama,” headlined the New York Times Wednesday, noting that despite “strong headwinds on the economic front, plus a stiff resistance from Republicans in Congress and negative advertising, the nation decided to give a second chance to Obama. This victory is also a “ratification of its vast health system reform. The Daily stresses, however, that the head of state is facing a deeply divided country with the Republicans retain their majority in the House and Senate Democrats. Meanwhile, the Washington Post warns on its front cover that the president faces a tough schedule an economy still far from solid as promised” and the impending debt problem that will culminate in December with the expiration the wall budget.

The Wall Street Journal also insists on the famous dyke budget, stressing that the reelected president despite a nation shattered by a prolonged economic downturn has little time to taste his victory. The Chicago Tribune, which notes that although this “sweet victory” Obama is far from comforting the amplitude of four years ago, validates his health insurance law, the reform of Wall Street and the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan . However, 23 million Americans remain unemployed or looking for a better job, says the daily.

Maybe it is time for some Americans to look elsewhere, think of Costa Rica.