Direct Flights from Canada to Costa Rica

More Options for Canadiens to come and visit Costa Rica. In a short period of time the various airlines operating in our Costa Rica will have the opportunity to plan direct flights with tourists from Canada, as well as more facilities for freight shipping between Costa Rica and Canada. This opportunity is given to Costa Rica after the approval that was given, so called air transport agreement between Costa Rica and the government of Canada, this was published a couple of months ago by the office press office of the Legislative Assembly.

The minister Luis Fernando Mendoza Jimenez said that the opinion of this project will directly impact the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. According to Mendoza, an important segment of beach tourism comes from that country, which is very appreciated by local entrepreneurs because it leaves lots of income and employment in the region.

“This agreement which is generally for aviation will benefit the people as well as the trade business in goods and services, this last point will also to facilitate the implementation of the KAFTA that Costa Rica already has with Canada.

Costa Rica has been a very attractive country for Canadiens for many years. Canada suffers extreme winters with temperatures up to -30 degrees celcius below cero, which is completely inbareble. These so called snow birds prefer to spend the winter in our beautiful Costa Rica. Lots of Canadians have purchased real estate in Costa Rica for that exact same reason. Of course Costa Rica has a lot to offer besides the perfect climate, such as the beaches, natural environment in general, wildlife, friendly people, peaceful county without army, longevity in life because of the blue zone, happiest people on the globe, just to name a couple.

Costa Rica invites all Canadians to come and visit our country. Canadians get with their passport a 3 month turist visa. There are no limitations for Canadians with regards to ownership of a property in Costa Rica.