Will Disney World come to Costa Rica

The mayor of Liberia, Costa Rica, Luis Gerardo Castañeda, announced this morning that a new Disney theme park corporation could be built in an area of 7,000 acres overlooking the Daniel Oduber airport in Liberia, Costa Rica, but gave no details of the property.

Disney Costa Rica 1

The information was confirmed by the official radio this morning adn 90.7 FM . However, this morning , Jerard Portner , representative of the developer Sun Ranch Limited – charge of the construction works on land in the area with these characteristics , said the information is unofficial and no relevant data to publicize .

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Meanwhile, the Liberian mayor said building permits are already being processed and would be ready within a maximum period of eight days.

According to Castaneda, Costa Rica became the first destination in Latin chosen by the company for opening a park of this type .

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However, after 11 am, the same mayor you corrected the information and said that the City had no official information on the project or that Disney would have applied for permits to build a park .

Disney has theme parks in countries like Japan , France and China.

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In mid- 2012 , the weekly El Financiero reported that Sun Ranch Limited build a theme park in this area , with hotels and shops. The investment would be around $ 1,000 million and would be over 15 years.

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Costa Rica celebrates the 50th year of the protected areas.

Cabo Blanco Costa Rica Sign

In Cóbano , near Cabo Blanco , the first protected area in the country ,  the National Parks Day was celebrated.

As part of the activities leading to the holding Tempisque Conservation Area there was an environmental fair at the municipal gym Cóbano , Puntarenas district on the Nicoya Peninsula .

Cabo Blanco Costa Rica

At the show visitors admire work related to ecosystem services that provide the protected areas . Also teach the national community how we conserve natural resources .

They recognized the work of the rangers by award three merit award categories , Award award for effort and perseverance. Rangers also participate in cultural activities , lectures , stories and photo exhibition , among others.

Cabo Blanco Tiger Costa Rica

In June 1972 began the process of selectionof the first two official country rangers , Carlos Castrillo Castrillo & Sunday Centeno.

Within the framework of the 50th Anniversary of the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve , the National Day of the National Park was held together with Cóbano community ,

The official ceremony was held on August 24 at the Municipal Gym of that community , with the presence of government officials, local authorities , park rangers , NGOs and the community.

Cabo Blanco White Face Monkey
It also will mark the 50th anniversary of the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve , located about 20 kilometers west of Cóbano , as the first wildlife protected area of Costa Rica, which began with the historic decision to preserve and protect our nature in 1963.

“It seeks to recognize the contribution that the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve and other protected areas after followed, have provided through the Environmental Services at local , regional , national, and international at 50 years after its creation “said Nelson Marin , regional director of the Conservation Area Tempisque .

Cabo Blanco View Beaches

Meanwhile Rafael Gutierrez , executive director Sinac said that our country has a treasure worthy of being enjoyed and protected by all citizens . In their knowledge and defense, we could say that the key is to learn how to live in Costa Rica .

Cabo Blanco National Park


Costa Rica will be promoted in France as a tourist destination


Costa Rica will be promoted as a tourist destination this week in France at the show Top Resa, the foremost negotiating space for tourism in this European country.

The Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) today announced that the country’s delegation shall comprise ten hotel companies, tour and even car rental.

Volcan Tourist Costa Rica
The Top Resa open its doors tomorrow until Friday at the Convention Center Viparis – Porte de Versailles in Paris.

Costa Rica Tourism Minister , Allan Flores, said in a statement That Top Resa ” dealer to a key event in the tourism industry in France , que is the third largest European market for our country . ”

tropical beaches costa rica tourism
The objective of Costa Rican FIRMS is to exploit “this scenario to Make Their marketing strategies and look for new Opportunities to do business and build relationships with potential customers , ” added the minister .

In 2012 , a Total of 38,139 French visited Costa Rica , que Represented 13.4 % of total arrivals from Europe to the Central American country .

france costa rica hiking
The French visitors to Costa Rica have annual family incomes Between $ 50,000 and $ 100,000 , made ​​daily average spending of $ 111 dollars and recorded a stay of 14 nights , According to the ICT .

Among the main activities Carried out During his stay in Costa Rica are visiting museums , honeymoons , adventure activities like canopy (zip line) , snorkeling , surfing and sailing fast and sun and sand birdwatching .

france snorkerling costa rica

Top Resa met the previous year to more than 30,000 people , treats including exhibitors , professionals and journalists .

Costa Rica receives each year more than 2.1 million tourists , leaving $ 2,000 million.

Waterfall Costa Rica Rio Celeste

The Trails in the National Parks in Costa Rica are classified !

senderos costa rica facil

Not all trails in national parks are equal. In some, the physical requirement may be higher, to the point of needing mountaineering equipment . In others, the infrastructure allows the entry of wheelchairs or walkers .

For that reason, the Ministry of Environment in Costa Rica ( Minae ) issued a guideline that will classify the paths into five categories according to criteria of accessibility, physical requirements and facilities for visitors.

sendero costa rica stairs

“In the Minae we were convinced that we must further differentiate the quality of the services offered by Costa Rica ecotourism ” , justified the Environment Minister René Castro.

In this way , and from tomorrow , this guideline applies to nine national parks : Tapantí , Santa Rosa , Cape Blanco, Braulio Carrillo National Monument Guava and Tenorio volcanoes , Poas , Irazu and Rincon de la Vieja, all in Costa Rica.

sendero costa rica horse

In this sense , if you visit the Rincon de la Vieja volcano can choose between three types of paths : Gaff is in the category while Pailas Challenge is intermediate and the road to the crater holds the highest category (Expert ) involving accompanying professional guides and equipment.

Meanwhile, Carara National Park is the only class with a path opportunities , as this facilitates access to wheelchairs and walkers .

sendero costa rica
According to Castro, in the medium term , it will create universal trails in Manuel Antonio and the Tenorio volcano .

Ecotourism in Costa Rica . In total , we classified 29 trails. To do this, we took into account criteria such as distance and topography , facilities such as stairs , railings and lighting , as well as access to toilets and drinking water intakes .

senderos costa rica

Natural factors were also considered , including rainfall, temperature and volcanic gases . Also , were aspects of services such as provision of equipment ( coats , canes and lights ), availability of tour guides, lodging or camping areas and signage .

Based on these criteria , five categories were established which will be reflected in the regulations for public use.

senderos costa rica volcon

The first category , called Opportunity , brings universal access trails .

For Family category , these are high traffic trails . Have facilities for all age groups , the physical requirement to scroll through them is low and have vigilance.

At the intermediate level trails are designed to be in contact with nature . They have little infrastructure and the physical requirement to scroll through them is medium.

turtles senderos costa rica
The fourth category is Challenge , these are the paths for those who like to hike a certain technical level and thus prove their fitness . To scan , you must have the appropriate clothing and safety equipment .

The last category is expert , which provides trails for adventurers and hence their journey involves a level of risk. May be traveled in the company of a professional guide , it also requires proper equipment and tools mountaineering.

” This will be supplemented later , with a change of rates and times according to the type of trail ,” said Castro .

bridge np costa rica

Minae This guideline is part of a project to improve the management and infrastructure of 10 national parks in Costa Rica, which finances the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB ) with $ 20 million.

Barack Obama in Costa Rica

Powerful President Barack Obama, arrived yesterday in Costa Rica with a wad of praise for Costa Rica, to the point qualify as “an outstanding candidate” to enter into the forums of developed countries.

Obama in Costa Rica

From Mexico, Obama fulfilled his program yesterday with complete punctuality. He arrived at 1:50 p.m. at the airport surrounded by curious people and an hour later he was sitting in the meeting with his host, Laura Chinchilla, offering support and intentions to add to Costa Rica to the “rich countries club”.

It is known as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the forum to which the government intends to enter Chinchilla to leverage further growth of its economy and its competitiveness.

Obama in Costa Rica

Two hours later, Obama and Chinchilla gave a press conference for nearly 50 minutes the USA President praised Costa Rica as a “leader” in human rights, education, democracy, press freedom and free trade.

Costa Rica would be a good candidate to join the OECD, but not to openly said that Washington would vote in favor of membership policy for the group of 34 countries based in Paris.

“We will continue to support Costa Rica to continue expanding its influence,” Obama said at the press conference, standing two meters from Chinchilla, who minutes later thanked him for the “expressed support”.

The Minister of Communications Francisco Chacón, said later that Obama did pledge his support in the bilateral meeting.

Laura Chinchilla Obama

This support also applies to the government’s intentions to enter another forum called Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), it could increase its competitiveness in conjunction with American and Asian countries, on both sides, Caribbean and Pacific Ocean.

Getting the support of the United States was one of the objectives of the president of Costa Rica and her ministers for a visit focused on the concept of “joint economic development,” leaving in the third line the drug trade and organized crime.

We do not want the issue of security define our relationship, “they both said at different times, as if they had agreed to make it clear to the press attentive to the seventh visit by a U.S. president to Costa Rica.

Asked about the cost assumed by U.S. drug trafficking (responsible for more than 140,000 deaths in Centroaméricas in the last ten years) Obama said his country has also suffered in the U.S.. “We are not exempt” said seconds before securing he is not intending to militarize the fight against drug smuggling on the continent.

It was after 5:30 p. m. and raining. San Jose was paralyzed and sealed by the security device, the remaining six Central American leaders were already en route to the National Theatre for a multilateral meeting with no script or rehearsals. Before Barack Obama left he said the typical Costa Rican saying ‘pura vida “.

US president in Costa Rica

Why go to Costa Rica

Why Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a land of unparalleled beauty. This small country is a paradise of clean sun-drenched beaches, tropical rainforests and smiling and friendly inhabitants.

With an area of ​​50.895 square kilometers, Costa Rica is a bit larger than Switzerland and is the second smallest country in Central America. But within its borders can be found vast areas of forests, countless rivers, an incredible diversity of flora and fauna, breathtaking volcanoes and beautiful beaches.

beaches costa rica hot
Besides its impressive biodiversity, one of the main attractions of Costa Rica is its fantastic climate, with 266 days of sunshine a year and an average temperature in the Pacific Coast of 24-29 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

The natural beauty of Costa Rica is combined with the hospitality and warmth of its people.

Costa Rica is a very special country because among other things has most of its territory protected as national parks, wildlife refuges and biological reserves.

costa rica britney spears beach

Being one of the most sought after tourist destinations, Costa Rica has a lot to offer in terms of modern hotel infrastructure. All over the country you can find hotels of different ranges and prices, and also a wide variety of food to suit all tastes.

costa rica volcano views
Costa Rica is the jewel of Central America, its natural beauty, its wildlife and its pristine beaches and beautiful reefs, and the reputation he has earned by conducting a smart conservation attracts tourists from around the world . Nature lovers, families, surfers and adventure, honeymoon couples, students and specialized groups.

Costa Rica offers all this and more.

people costa rica horseback

Costa Rica is the greenest and happiest country in the world

Costa Rica is the greenest and happiest country in the world, according to the Happy Planet Index published Saturday 4 julio/09, and as reported by The New Economics Foundation.

With pleasure I announce this information on the country where I lived twenty-one years. Our problems are minor, comparing to the other countries in Central American who need to deal with gunshot wounds, poverty, injustice, inequality. The Ticos in comparison are living in paradise.

costa rica run beach

We are not saying that people living in Costa Rica are the happiest. The index measures the ecological efficiency that would have long lives and bring happiness to all citizens. It is a happiness gained from the ecological point of view, as green country, and life expectancy.
The report looks at 143 countries and measures how many resources the planet uses every nation, and well-being and life expectancy of citizens.
Of a total of 100 points, a kind of ultimate happiness environmentally sustainable, yet humanity remains at just 49 points.
In this list, and according to those parameters Western nations, seen as the most “successful” of the world, do not occupy the highest places. Switzerland is low at site 52, France 71 and U.S. slips to 114.

costa rica family
“The Happy Planet Index can not measure everything,” said Abdallah. “And one thing you do not measure very well is war. Because the war, especially that kind of internal war or social conflict, does not affect all people within a country. ”
In short: Money from rich countries does not do everything for the happiness of its citizens.

kids happy beach costa rica
Ecology, key factor in Costa Rica – What makes the index is to measure the environmental efficiency that would have long lives and happiness for all people.
“The UK only produces 4.5% of electricity of sustainable energy, while in Costa Rica it is 99%. “Many countries in Latin America produce more clean energy than in Europe”.
The most important health problems in Costa Rica from the point of view of progress attainable are associated to some extent neglected diseases such as diabetes and cervical cancer in women and traffic accidents in men. Although there are other causes of death that cost lives, being preventable cause mortality in Costa Rica compared to other countries. Gastric cancer is another plague that claims many more lives in Costa Rica than in other nations, but life expectancy at birth is about 78.5%. In the Savior walks by 71%. In this connection only Canada beats Costa Rica with 80% of life expectancy at birth.
“Western countries generally do have the highest welfare standards in the world, but they succeed deteriorating natural resources to the maximum. Do you need to destroy the world to succeed to be happy?

“If we want to live a happy live, and no longer want damage to the Earth, think of Costa Rica. For real estate in Costa Rica, go to http://tamborhills.com

Tax on luxury homes and societies in Costa Rica must be paid in January

Next Tuesday, January 15 and Thursday January 31 is the deadline for both luxury homes and societies in Costa Rica, respectively, to catch up with the payment of tribute without running with the penalties for delinquency.
For the collection of tax or tribute to Solidarity “luxury homes” is mandatory for those with a good residential use tax valued at 1 January 2013 exceed ¢ 117 million. Of that amount to ¢ 291 million is canceled 0.25% of total property value.
According to the Directorate General of Taxation, for this year a volume of 3,000 respondents and 4,000 contributors.
The only way to register and pay the tax is in Form D-179 “Unique Registration Form, Solidarity Tax Filing and Payment Program to Strengthen Housing Act 8683”.
This form is available electronically on the website of Income Tax Office and may be filed and paid electronically, or printed to be surrendered and canceled at authorized collection agencies.
Who is required to pay the tax in Costa Rica and will not, be liable to a penalty of half the base salary of an administrative assistant to one of the judiciary for the current year is about ¢ 189,700.
Active companies in Costa Rica must pay an amount of ¢ 189,700 colones for corporate tax and pay the amount of inactive ¢ 94,850 for this 2013.
The blog specializes in Costa Rican law, legal point, which is then reported on 1 February that the companies who have not made the payment of the tax from being unable to register documents and obtain digital certificates as provided in Article 5 of the standard.
According to the text of the law, a society that does not pay the tax for three consecutive exposed to the dissolution of their society.
For its part, the National Register in Costa Rica is in the power to issue certificates of no legal nor register any document in favor of the companies that are current in the payment.
The Tax Law Corporations Law came into effect from 1 April last in Costa Rica and gravel with 50% of the basic salary of an Administrative Assistant 1 ¢ 379,400 amount set for this year, commercial companies, the representatives of foreign legal entities and sole proprietorships with limited liability, with active Direct Taxation.
Meanwhile, the companies registered but inactive be 25% of that base salary per year.
The Banco de Costa Rica will continue serving as one of the tax collecting agency, be possible to pay for all its offices or through their website.

Good Day for the Wildlife in Costa Rica

The jaguar, tapir, caiman and songbirds are now more protected in Costa Rica, thanks to a new law proposed and driven by its own citizens, banning sport hunting of any species.
Costa Rica, known for its reputation as a “green destination”, this week became the first nation on the continent to close the doors to lovers of hunting.


The new Wildlife Act is also the first legislation passed by the mechanism of “popular initiative”, ie it was not submitted to Congress by deputies, but by the citizens themselves.
The new law only allows subsistence hunting cases, scientific research and monitoring of species in overpopulation. The rule was brought before the legislature with the initial support of 177,000 signatures collected by the Association for the Preservation of Flora and Fauna (Apreflofas).


To enter into force only remains the signature of President Laura Chinchilla, because Monday was approved on second and final debate in Congress by unanimous vote of the 42 members (out of 57) present at the meeting.
Since its entry into force, Costa Rica will not grant more licenses for hunting and its citizens can not have wild animals as pets.
According to the National System of Conservation (Sinac), last year 1296 hunting licenses were granted , 81% of them to kill or capture songbirds. In addition, there were 171 hunting licenses and 77 to hunt small mammals.
From 2000 until last year, Costa Rican authorities have extended 28,000 hunting licenses, an activity that will be forgotten now, because the new law only permitted in cases of subsistence, scientific research and monitoring of species in overpopulation.


Fines and imprisonment for offenders Those who hunt an animal in Costa Rica will be fined up to $ 3,000 and, depending on the species, may even be sentenced to between two and four months in prison.
The custom of having wild animals as pets such as birds, iguanas, monkeys and raccoons also have to change with the new legislation, which totally prohibits this practice and sets a fine of between 600 and 1,200 dollars.

But the law in Costa Rica goes further and also sanctioned the export and trafficking of any species of flora or fauna, while creating a National Registry of Wildlife.
That file zoos and reserves, both public and private, must register the specimens kept in captivity, after presenting a management plan.

Those who hunt an animal in Costa Rica will be fined up to $ 3,000. The text was supported by all political parties in Congress except the Libertarian Movement, who opposes the ban on hunting. The fiercest enemy of the proposal was the deputy Ernesto Chavarria, who went on to state that the law makes equal rights of human beings and animals. His position was not shared by other legislators as Claudio Monge, the Citizen Action Party (PAC, center), who said “sport hunting is not nothing but a massacre of defenseless animals for the sole purpose of having fun.


So this is a great day for the Wildlife in Costa Rica. This shows once again Costa Rica is one of the most ecological friendly countries in the world.

What is ANA GOLF in Costa Rica ?

The Sports Association Golfers (ANAGOLF) was founded in 1971 in order to promote and maintain the integrity of golf in Costa Rica. As the official governing body of golf in the entire national territory, ruled by The Royal & Ancient Golf Club in Scotland, ANAGOLF worries about being a serious organization with leadership and convening power. Are fundamental aspects of its mission to integrate golfers of Costa Rica, to represent their interests and promote social practice, formal and sports ethics.

• Mission: ANAGOLF representrante is the body and regulator of golf in Costa Rica. Promotes the sport, in order to increase the number of players and fans, improving the level of courses based on international standards of excellence and ensure the implementation of the rules and the reputation of the sport.
• Vision: We will be the regulatory organization for golf in Costa Rica, with the leadership and credibility to endorse tournaments. We will be searched by golfers for being recognized for partnering and innovation services we provide. Our organization is also making efforts to improve its services and meet the needs of its members and sponsors. Among National Championships and Tournaments Ranking of different categories, ANAGOLF organizes tournaments for over forty years. In its event calendar excel National Championships Medal Play and Match Play, founded and active since 1943 and 1944 respectively. The Horace Kelton Interclub National Championship and the National Championship Pairs and National Championships for Children, Youth, Ladies and Seniors are also part of the list of important tournaments that keep us active throughout the year. Under the guidance and leadership of our Board, we have different committees that oversee the development of the different leagues (Men, Ladies, Seniors, Youth and Children). These bodies oversee the development of their skills and help the player with the definition of the rules and ethics of the game.
One of the most important services offered by the association exclusively for active members is the processing and certification of handicap index (ability). All active members can play official events organized by the association and may also request a certificate to use your handicap abroad.

The association maintains close relationship with the golf courses around the country in order to collaborate with the administration of handicap and get benefits for their members as preferential green fee rates.
In addition to its links with The R & A, the entity that supports their golf development programs, currently ANAGOLF also part of the International Golf Federation (IGF).