Surfing in Santa Teresa

Getting ready to Surf the waves in Santa Teresa.

Before you jump in the waters of Santa Teresa, Mal Pais or Cabuya in Costa Rica and try to surf you should warm up first. Approaching our trance intuitive dance on the water, standing on the beach and starting to feel this hunger for surf as we look at our fellow surfers enjoying the waves we can’t wait to join this party. We want to prepare the physical body to dance and avoid injury.

What we aim to do is to prepare the spine and main joints that will be challenged, circulating synovial fluid, alubricant for the joint surface that decreases friction during movement and noursihing the joint structures.

Take a comfortable stance. On the beach of Santa Teresa it will not be hard to comfortable place to do the excersises. Hold your elbows with the alternate palms, keeping the shoulders leveled. Inhale deeply, and on the exhalation turn your head to the right, keeping the chin parallel to the earth. Inhale as you flow back to the center, exhale and turn your head to the left, allowing the eyes to lead the head deeper. Repeat this 3 times.

On an exhalation, keeping the shoulders leveled, tilt your head to the right, bringing the right ear toward right shoulder. Inhale back to the center and exhale all the way to the left. Repeat 3 times.

Bend your legs and place your palms on the thights above your knees. Inhale as you curve your back, allowing the spine to depress, and look forward. Exhale as you reverse the action, slowly and fluently arching your back towards the chest. Again repeat this 3 times.

Come upright with a deep inhalation, allowing the spine to open slowly, vetebra by vetebra and open your arms to the sides and all the way backward. Interlock your fingers behind your back. Feel your chest opens. Straight your legs.

Keeping your palms locked and feet paralell and rooted into the earth, exhale and turn your torso and head to the right, bringing the chin toward the right shoulder. Inhale and flow to the center.

Exhale and flow to the left. Feel the outer edges of your feet rooted down to the sand. Inhale back to center. Repeat 3 times

Join your feet together, bend your legs and bring your palms down on your knees. Start circulating your knees, keeping them together and bent feel your weight shifting from one foot to the other practicing the feet and ankles. Change direction.

Slowly step one foot slightly backward, maintaining balance, placing the upper part of the tows on the sand, stretching the upper foot. Change stepping your left foot back.

Now, after your session, find the time to practise the following poses.

Shoulderstand, stretches the neck and upper sine, counter acting surfing, encourages deep abdominal breathing, bringing rich oxygeneated blood into the shoulders, upper back and neck. Stay for 60 seconds and breath deeply.

Warming up before you go surfing

Plough, completes the movement of the shoulderstand. The pose shares many of the shoulderstand effects, it gives flexibility to the spine and neck, nourishes the spinal nerves, and strengthens the back, shoulder and arm muscles while releasing tension. Hold for 60 seconds.

Fish, the most known counter pose to the shoulderstand series. Having stretched the neck and upper spine in the shoulderstand and plough, you now compress them as your arch back, lengthening the troat, relieving stiffness in your neck and shoulder muscles while opening the chest to the deeper breath. Hold for 60 seconds.

This article was written by a surf instructor in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

Now you should be ready to jump in the water and enjoy the excellent waves on the Nicoya Peninsula at Santa Teresa.

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