Use Professional to Purchase Property in Costa Rica

We highly recommend you to use a professional licensed realtor to guide you when you are looking for a property in Costa Rica. Some clients are under the impression you pay more if you use a broker. Well, this is NOT the case, first of all the Seller pays the commission and a professional knows how to negotiate the best price. Sellers in Costa Rica often have no idea what the real value of their property is. Owners are waiting for a foreigner with lots of money that will pay whatever they are asking. Unfortunately some foreigners did pay way too much for their property and property owners know this. Don’t make the same mistake > Do not think twice and get professional advice!

We at Century 21 Beach Area Properties go beyond just advice, being the first Real Estate company on the Southern Half of the Nicoya Peninsula we will give you all the information you need with regards to real estate, life in Costa Rica, banking, residency, cars, traveling, taxes, insurance, rentals, health care and much more. It is more than just buying a property if you never lived in Costa Rica before. We will also only show you properties that have clean title as we perform a due diligence study before we list the property, we check if there are any liens or annotations on the property. We will give you all the information you need with regards to the property and will recommend you to use your own attorney for legal advice. We have worked with lots of attorneys and notaries and from experience we know the ones you should use and ones you should not. We will make the written offers and contracts which will be reviewed by yourself and your attorney before we present it to the sellers. Using our services will guarantee you to have a smooth, safe and secure purchase!

We always recommend you to first travel through Costa Rica so you can decide where you would like to have a property. We at Century 21 have offices throughout the country. Pura Vida and have a great day!

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