Trip to Puntarenas, Costa Rica.

Although we are in the rainy season here at the Central Pacific in Costa Rica, it is another sunny day. Beautiful clear skies and because it rains some days at night everything is very lush and green. It is a pleasure waking up every day being surrounded by the most spectacular flora and fauna in the world. This weekend we went to Puntarenas, which is translated to Sands Point, because there was a festival of the “Virgen del Mar” the holy virgin of the sea. She protects the fishermen and is very important for the Costa Ricans, and because Puntarenas is the biggest fishermen’s town in Costa Rica this festival is becoming bigger each year.

There are concerts, food stands, ice cream stands and lots of games for children. It is festival for the whole family. The festival lasts 2 weeks, which is perfect because the schools are off during these weeks. Another tradition is dancing with the clowns, it is parade of clowns walking through the neighborhood dancing but be careful if a child misbehaves he gets hit with a belt by the clowns. This is very exciting for the kids as they run around the clowns trying to avoid getting hit, all kids really enjoy this in Puntarenas. The last Sunday they take the statue of the holy virgin in a boat which is all decorated and together with 30 to 40 other boats they do a parade first through the estuary and later along the coast of Puntarenas. Beautiful view with lots of people admiring the scenery.

They finished the night with concerts and fireworks. Puntarenas used to be the number 1 spot to go to in Costa Rica but because of the lack of maintenance and upkeep it lost its charmes 30 years ago. Now they are cleaning up, trying to get it back how it used to be or better. Puntarenas just finished building a new beachfront community center with oversized pool. So when there is an event go to Puntarenas in Costa Rica.



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