Yes, a New Hospital will be build in Puntarenas, Costa Rica

In a previous blog we mentioned the possibilty of the construction of a new hospital in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. We have now an answer for you, please continue to read.

Amid applause the president of Costa Rica said the words that most wanted to hear; funding and land for the new hospital in Puntarenas is a reality. “Hand in hand we bring good news for Puntarenas. Here we will built a new hospital in Puntarenas and this is thanks to the good will of several politicians and institutions, said Laura Chinchilla.
The site of 15 acres was donated by the National Production Council (CNP) as payment to a debt with the State. The CNP passed the land to the Ministry of Finance which then passed it to the Social Security Fund.
The president announced that funding will be processed as credit line with the Central Bank for Economic Integration and the total cost of construction will be $100 million US dollar.
“In exactly one month we found a solution to the problem of Puntarenas Hospital and we will do our best to ensure that procedures are streamlined and that this hospital is advanced by the end of my administration or 2014, said Chinchilla.

This is huge news for Puntarenas! I personally use the public medical health services of Costa Rica and any improvement is a big advance. Hopefully they will build a larger hospital with more medical services to get rid of the waiting lines. Puntarenas is a big province in Costa Rica so a new hospital is very welcome. It shows once again Costa Rica is growing and moving into the right direction.

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