Playa Tambor

Playa Tambor awaits you. Discover dining under starlight, golfing, sport fishing, surfing, or just relaxing with your best friends, everything you could ever want and more is here in Tambor Costa Rica.

Tambor is a paradise in Costa Rica. If you are looking for a fast paced vacation destination with abundant nightlife, Tambor is not the place! However if you’re looking for inner peace and tranquility with natural unspoiled beauty… a place the world has left behind, look no further!

The town of Tambor is located adjacent to Bahía Ballena (Whale Bay) on the Central-Eastern seaboard of the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, with all the amenities for the most discerning visitors. Tambor has an airport with several daily scheduled 20 minute flights to and from the capital, San Jose. When asked to describe the quality of Tambor, words synonymies to the lifestyle come to mind – calm pacific waters, unspoiled white and pink coral sand beaches, uninhabited islands, friendly people, a wide variety of flora and fauna, including parrots, different kinds of monkeys, rivers and lots of waterfalls.

In the area around Tambor there is excellent year round fishing, snorkeling, seafood restaurants, live lobster, oysters, ceviche, horses, whales, dolphins, lots of sun and stars, palm trees, coconuts and tropical fruits. People that inhabit Tambor have little stress, live secure in peace and harmony with nature, breathe fresh air and drink clean water.

Again, Tambor is not for everyone,. Maybe it should be. 

The Nicoya Peninsula is one of the furthest outreaches of Costa Rica. It is a vast, pristine region offering many diverse eco-systems on the Northwestern, Pacific coast. The terrain is diverse and bountiful, providing homes to an array of vegetation and wildlife. The landscapes of the Nicoya Peninsula offer picture perfect views, whether from the crests of majestic, jungle-covered mountains, to the endless running streams, to the cascading, thunderous waterfalls, or the tranquil, unpopulated beaches. Due to the governmental struggle with infrastructure, many of the roads in the Nicoya Peninsula are extremely under-developed and make it difficult for the “Casual” tourist to explore. This is a fantastic reality to those travelers seeking the “Road Less Traveled”, for once you’ve reached one of the quaint little towns nestled in and around the peninsula, you’ll find they harbor every range of cuisine, service and accommodation from the luxurious to the heavily budgeted, making the Nicoya Peninsula one of Costa Rica’s most undiscovered treasures!

Tambor meaning “Drum” Tambor is an incredible, tranquil town residing on the edges of “Bahia Ballena” or “Whales Bay”. This beautiful horseshoe-shaped bay was a visiting ground for the whales traveling from the North during the winter months. Over the years, due to increasing marine traffic, whales aren’t seen too often in Bahia Ballena. But, the bay’s amazing gradually descending floor, which provided a safe port for these giants of the sea, now invites even the most timid swimmers and families to enjoy calm and safe waters for which to swim. It’s like having a little piece of the Caribbean Sea in the Pacific Ocean.

The softest, smoothest volcanic black sand borders Bahia Ballena and the beach is scarcely populated. Find a palm tree to shade yourself and allow the gentle sways of the bay to take you away.

Activities in Tambor are almost as abundant as the wildlife. Feel free to ride horses on the beach or in the jungle. Enjoy a round of Golf or Tennis. The hiking, snorkeling, swimming and sport fishing are endless and while you’re at it, enjoy a short walk to one of the many beautiful waterfalls surrounding Tambor. Along your walking exploration, be sure and look carefully for the thousands of wild bird species, the iguanas and, of course, the monkeys that inhabit the canopy overhead.

Tambor is also a favored destination due to a small landing strip just minutes away providing two, 25-minute flights to San Jose, daily.

Tambor has lodging to accommodate the budget of every traveler, from the luxurious to the quick, one night stay-over and is considered to be one of the most convenient locations to the capital. For those sailing, look to Tambor as a safe place to anchor your boat. Tambor has a small pier with a restaurant, a bar and a fueling station. Too, there are currently talks of a future project including a full-scale marina in Tambor. The initial plans of the marina would easily rival any marina in Costa Rica.

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