Life at the beach

Why wait to enjoy life when the opportunities are right in front of you? Lots of people are always dreaming of life in the tropics, but 90% does not follow their dreams because of all kinds of reasons. Some people did, like me and I can tell you this was one the best decisions I made. My life has completely changed, from living a stressful life I am now enjoying life every day. From inhaling smog I live now on the Nicoya Peninsula which is one of the Blue Zones for one of the healthiest lifestyles in the world. I am surrounded by forest and have a 4 km beach 100 yards from my house. The flora and fauna in Tambor, Costa Rica is stunning as well. After 10 years I am still suprised, you see the most beautiful plants and flowers and sometimes I think I live in a zoo with deer, iguanas, monkeys, humming birds, scarlet macaws and more…

So why wait ? Start to think seriously about moving to the Tropics, move to Tambor, Costa Rica.

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