Immigration in Costa Rica delays fines for illegal foreigners

Immigration postponed until April 2013 the collection of fines for foreigners who are undocumented and for employers that keep people with irregular immigration status.
Thus, the entity seeks that the foreigners continue with the process of regularization, through a special procedure, which was implemented last May 17.

There are four target transient who have children born in Costa Rica, the elderly, disabled and young people under 25 who entered the country as minors. Also foreigners doing housework or agricultural. These last have time to legalize their status until 17 February.

The Migration Act provides penalties for those who remain in the country illegally and for employers who hire foreigners without work permits. Penalties range from $ 100 per month in the country illegally or up to 12 months base salary, in the case of employers.
In order that these people have time to complete the formalities of regularization, the fines will be charged again starting April 23, 2013.

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