Imagine it Green in Costa Rica!

As your plane comes closer to closer to Costa Rica, the landscape below seems painted a shade of green that grows more intense with each moment, and the desire to live your tropical dream starts to become a reality. Once on the ground, ou close your eyes and breath nature in all its purity, filing your lungs with fresh air and your soul with pure joy.

Thanks to the gift of nature and the vision of admirable ecological pioneers, the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica counts among it treasures the first National Park and first National Wildlife Refuge, boasting a wide diversity stretching across wetlands, islands, ocean reefs, coastal mountains and biological corridors.

Recent innovations such as Permaculture (integrated agriculture and land use), biodynamic gardens, community forestry and other responsible management efforts are making it much easier to be ecological in the region, and are adding color to this growing green hope!

Los Delfines Golf & Country Club is a leader being environmental friendly, recylcing garbage, saving birds, cleaning beaches, and much more having a licensed biologist fulltime onsite in Playa Tambor, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is working on being the first carbon neutral country by 2021. Costa Rica uses his natural resources to generate energy. They are teaching the Costa Ricans the importance of being environmental friendly. Cutting a tree in Costa Rica without permission could mean you end up in jail. They are really strict now when it comes to touching the nature of Costa Rica, I don’t blame them. Recently a Canadian group had plans to start a Mine in San Carlos, Costa Rica. This would mean a lot of money for the province but this was stopped because this could endanger the peaceful life of the Green Parrot. Costa Rica thinks about her future and the importance of staying green!


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