Today Guanacaste celebrates in Costa Rica

Today is a holiday, the 25th of July  is the day of Guanacaste, it remembers the annexation of the province of Guanacaste to Costa Rica. This happened on the 25th of July  in 1824, before this Guanacaste was part of Nicaragua. The civilians of Guanacaste requested to be united to Costa Rica because Nicaragua was actively involved in several civil wars at that time. Don’t think Costa Rica took it from Nicaragua, the Nicaraguans requested this themselves. The annexation was approved by the Federation of Central America, so since July 25, 1824 Guanacaste is a province of Costa Rica.

The inhabitants of Guanacaste are very proud of being Costa Ricans, their slogan says “part of Costa Rica by our own choice” and this shows again the values of democracy in Costa Rica!

Today is the day of Guanacaste, but this day is celebrated nationwide and is considered a public holiday with lots of activities, parades, parties, events. Today being a public holiday don’t go to the bank or municipality, shops, etc because everything is closed. This show how important this day is for Costa Rica!

How do they celebrate this special day? Well a couple of typical cultural celebrations have parades, folk dances, bull riding, cattle shows and more. Similar to the festival of the Virgin Mary the parades here involve children running through the park or village wearing masks and dressing up as clowns or other personages.

The streets and parks of Guanacaste fill up with stands and typical Costa Rican food like tamales, corn, rice and chicken,  and tortillas. It is a celebration for all ages, for the adults there are concerts, dances, BBQ’s etc also part of the celebration.

Guanacaste is the northwest province of Costa Rica and the capital is Liberia or as the locals call it the white city, named after their large white church. Guanacaste is named after a large tree, which is very common in the province. Guanacaste’s mayor income source is agriculture and cattle although tourism is becoming very important as well. In Costa Rica there are only 2 international airports and 1 is located in Liberia, this helped Guanacaste to grow very fast. In Guanacaste there are beautiful beaches and several big hotel chains, such as Marriot, Hilton, Four Seasons, RIU, Sol Melia and more have established their hotel in this beautiful province of Costa Rica.

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