Enjoy your new life in Costa Rica now!

Lots of people think about retiring in paradise or at least escape the horrible winters and spend them on the beach with a cocktail. Unfortunately it is a natural habit to hesitate and think of all the negative things that could happen and at the end what you do is wait and delay your dreams.

I agree 100% that you need think good about if you want to relocate to Costa Rica for example. You should also do research and ask your realtor in Costa Rica any questions or doubts you may have. Look obviously for a reliable, licensed broker. But do not wait to long with making a decision, because it has happened to us on several occassions that people have been waiting for months or years to take the next step and when they finally make the decision to come to Costa Rica to purchase a property or rent a home they are unable to realize their dream because of sickness, mortality, downfall in stock market, accident etc. Enjoy life now, before it is too late.

Remember that the Nicoya Peninsula is located in the Blue Zone. This means we have the healthiest climate in the world. It is actually a proven fact people live longer on the Nicoya Peninsula. I am from Europe where everybody always gets a flue or cold during the cold months, here on the Nicoya Peninsula I can count the days I have been sick on one hand during 10 years.

There are many people of a 100 years or older on the Nicoya Peninsula and therefore the Blue Zone team spent around 9 months here to do a research to discover just what gives Costa Rica and particulary the Nicoya Peninsula a quality of life that provides it’s people a very long life. It is not only the lifestyle, including raising your own fresh foods, but air and water quality, and family are very important point to live a long healthy life.

Dont wait, come to Costa Rica and enjoy a long healthy life !


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