Costa Rica celebrates the 50th year of the protected areas.

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In Cóbano , near Cabo Blanco , the first protected area in the country ,  the National Parks Day was celebrated.

As part of the activities leading to the holding Tempisque Conservation Area there was an environmental fair at the municipal gym Cóbano , Puntarenas district on the Nicoya Peninsula .

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At the show visitors admire work related to ecosystem services that provide the protected areas . Also teach the national community how we conserve natural resources .

They recognized the work of the rangers by award three merit award categories , Award award for effort and perseverance. Rangers also participate in cultural activities , lectures , stories and photo exhibition , among others.

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In June 1972 began the process of selectionof the first two official country rangers , Carlos Castrillo Castrillo & Sunday Centeno.

Within the framework of the 50th Anniversary of the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve , the National Day of the National Park was held together with Cóbano community ,

The official ceremony was held on August 24 at the Municipal Gym of that community , with the presence of government officials, local authorities , park rangers , NGOs and the community.

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It also will mark the 50th anniversary of the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve , located about 20 kilometers west of Cóbano , as the first wildlife protected area of Costa Rica, which began with the historic decision to preserve and protect our nature in 1963.

“It seeks to recognize the contribution that the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve and other protected areas after followed, have provided through the Environmental Services at local , regional , national, and international at 50 years after its creation “said Nelson Marin , regional director of the Conservation Area Tempisque .

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Meanwhile Rafael Gutierrez , executive director Sinac said that our country has a treasure worthy of being enjoyed and protected by all citizens . In their knowledge and defense, we could say that the key is to learn how to live in Costa Rica .

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