Costa Rica unveils Brand New Airspace Management

The International Airport in San Jose, Costa Rica unveiled yesterday a new airspace management, which will ensure safe takeoffs and landings, as well as avoiding the change of routes because of adverse weather conditions. The new system is known worldwide as the Performance Based Navigation (PBN), and Costa Rica becomes the first country in the region with this management.

With PBN airspace managers, formerly known as drivers-may draw more routes for the arrival and departure of an aircraft. Airport authorities say that cases like the waits of up to an hour to free a runway for takeoff will be a thing of the past. In addition, companies such as TACA and Copa, who provided aircraft for testing the PBN, reported savings of up to $ 4,500 in fuel efficiency of the flights. Costa Rica is once again advancing in technology.

Historically, all landings were made in Santamaria on track 7, in the southeast of the airport way (down by La Garita de Alajuela Costa Rica), it was the only way to ensure correct maneuvers for pilots and for drivers. Therefore, the flights coming from destinations such as South America and the Caribbean had to take to La Garita and “flip” to land. Now with the Performance Based Navigation, aircraft may arrive at the airport using runway 25, which starts across the street from Finca Park.

The PBN is a system used by large nations. Here, the new method and satelite was donated by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and costs approximately $ 1 million. The organization chose Costa Rica to manage 40% of air traffic in Central America. Luis Carlos Arce, IATA representative for the region, said that “the airline companies requested that the PBN was used in Costa Rica.

Luis Carlos Araya, Deputy Air Transport, said that with the system, the Juan Santamaría increase its traffic capacity of aircrafts up to 20%. This means that, with the improved space management, it would go from 150 to 180 daily flights. Gradual. Edwin Jimenez, Air Navigation, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, said the official start of operation of the PBN will be December 13th. Before that day Costa Rica will be informing to all aviation authorities that Costa Rica already has satellite system for aircraft control.

Another advantage of the Performance Based Navigation is that even internal processes within Costa Rica Internation airport, as the passage through customs and baggage check will be optimized. How do you achieve that? The computer application measures execution times of these tasks and each area can make the adjustments it deems appropriate.

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