Imagine it Green in Costa Rica!

As your plane comes closer to closer to Costa Rica, the landscape below seems painted a shade of green that grows more intense with each moment, and the desire to live your tropical dream starts to become a reality. Once on the ground, ou close your eyes and breath nature in all its purity, filing your lungs with fresh air and your soul with pure joy.

Thanks to the gift of nature and the vision of admirable ecological pioneers, the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica counts among it treasures the first National Park and first National Wildlife Refuge, boasting a wide diversity stretching across wetlands, islands, ocean reefs, coastal mountains and biological corridors.

Recent innovations such as Permaculture (integrated agriculture and land use), biodynamic gardens, community forestry and other responsible management efforts are making it much easier to be ecological in the region, and are adding color to this growing green hope!

Los Delfines Golf & Country Club is a leader being environmental friendly, recylcing garbage, saving birds, cleaning beaches, and much more having a licensed biologist fulltime onsite in Playa Tambor, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is working on being the first carbon neutral country by 2021. Costa Rica uses his natural resources to generate energy. They are teaching the Costa Ricans the importance of being environmental friendly. Cutting a tree in Costa Rica without permission could mean you end up in jail. They are really strict now when it comes to touching the nature of Costa Rica, I don’t blame them. Recently a Canadian group had plans to start a Mine in San Carlos, Costa Rica. This would mean a lot of money for the province but this was stopped because this could endanger the peaceful life of the Green Parrot. Costa Rica thinks about her future and the importance of staying green!


Quiet and Peaceful Atmosphere

Known of its quiet peacful atmosphere, Tambor attracts bathers and snorkelers with its miles of unhabited beaches, coves to explore, and tranquil currents.

Charter a sport fishing boat for half or full day excursions, take a guided horseback tour, practice yoga, play tennis and golf, or enjoy a Casino or Spa. Modest and all inclusive Hotels are available, and an airstrip makes for convenient daily flights to and from San Jose.

The Nicoya Peninsula has been recently declared a Blue Zone according to the longevity of its inhabitants, which has resulted on not only the attraction of new residents but also many health complementary services.

Century 21 Beach Area Properties represents several developments of condominiums and residential communities and counts with a team of agents with the highest professional and ethical standards to assist on the integral process of purchasing developing and relocating in Costa Rica. Since the beginning its been side by side with the Los Delfines Golf & Country Club project, counting with the information on the best investment opportunities.

Our world is a truly magical place that will envelope you with its opportunities for adventure and a life lived well. At Century 21 Beach Area Properties we would like the opportunity to assist you in your serach for real estate.

Choose Life, Carpe Diem

What is it good to live out of the city. For my work I need to go to San Jose, Costa Rica on regular basis, for me it is always a blessing to leave San Jose as soon as possible. Here at the beach we are not used to the amount of traffic and stress that comes with the city. Besides this the weather is not as good as being here at the beach. OK here at the beach we cannot go to the cinema or go shopping, but do you really need this?? The Pura Vida lifestyle we enjoy here at the beach gives you the opportunity to live life at the fullest. Do not waste your time in traffic jams, stressing, standing in line and inhaling smog. Here at the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica we are in the Blue Zones, being 1 of the healthiest climates in the world. Choose Life!

Tortuga Island

One of Costa Rica’s landmark tourist destination s is just a shora boat ride up the Coast from Puntarenas, Montezuma, Tambor and Curu. World famous for its white sand beaches lined with tall Coconut Palms, Tortuga Island has crystal clear water with no Ocean currents whihc makes this the ideal place for beginners and young people alike to swim and practice their snorkeling skills.

Due to the classic beauty of Tortuga, cruise ships from Puntarenas visit the island daily bringing toursits that are bussed down from San Jose on a full day tour. The boats from Montezuma, Tambor and Curu arrive a couple of hours before the Cruise ships begin to show up and have the island all to themselves. When the cruise ships begin to arrive with people from around the world that invade the island with their BBQ’s, tropical drinks and Marimba bands. Let the party begin! It is not uncommon to see a couple of hundred people during the summer months dancing under the coconut palms and snorkeling or kayaking in the crystal clear waters of Tortuga Island.

For those who like to hike, there are footpaths on the island that can be enjoyed while taking in the ambience and nature at Tortuga Island.

Costa Rica Real Estate Market Report 2011

With the fall in the prices of Real Estate, there has never been a better moment to invest in Costa Rica, and now due to the changes in the market a new type of investor is emerging.

With the end of the  “no money down mortage age”, the current buyers are different; they are no longer the speculators and flippers. These new players on the real estate market have their own savings or genuine income, are serious buyers and they are very often near retirement age.

This client would much rather spend their valuable time enjoying a natural relaxing environment with all the comforts and amenities of a residential community. In other words it is not the adventurous investor that used to come as pioneers to dedicate their entire time to the design and development of their project; today buyers are looking for a product they already are familiar with, something that is already done. Already has permits and infrastructure in place, ready to be lived in or used an income generating property.

The new trend buyers are leaning toward are gated residential communities but, in contrast to North America, in Costa Rica the maintenance fees for residential communities are substantially lower, with much less restrictions. The most common form of condominium in Costa Rica is the mixed use development, which consists of duplex homes, free standing homes, town homes as well as the traditional multi family building. Each individual home can be subdivided and independently registered to its owner. Los Delfines Golf & Country Club is a good example.

Contact Century 21 Beach Area Properties if you are looking for real estate in Costa Rica.


Curu Wildlife Refuge in Paquera, Costa Rica

If you like nature and wildlife Curu is one of the highlights of the Nicoya Peninsula. In this paradisiacal reserve you guaranteed to spot animals in the wild. When you take the Ferry from Puntarenas to Paquera, it’s a 15 minute drive on the main road towards Cobano to get to the entrance of Curu. You cannot miss it as there are signs on the road.

Of the 3700 acres property only 185 acres are protected under the terms of a wildlife reserve. Which is the beach area, mangroves, estuaries and rivers. 75% of the rest of the property is declared as protected forest and 20% to low impact agriculture.

The Biological Wildlife Corridor of the Nicoya Peninsula is also connected to Curu. When driving from Paquera towards Cobano Tambor you will pass through a heavily forested part with giant trees. It is the broad strip of forest allowing animals to migrate between Curu and the mountainous interiors of the peninsula.

Curu is a place that shows you why tourists come to Costa Rica.  The abundant wildlife, the beautiful trees, flowers and beaches.

Until now about 230 bird species have been seen in Curu. Species such as amazons, laughing hawks, woodpeckers, herons, spoonbills, humming birds, and Scarlet Macaws. Mammals can be seen as well such as ocelots, pumas, margay cats, coyote, anteaters, otters etc

When you go the white sand beach of Curu you will probably see and hear howler monkeys as well as capuchin monkeys as the rangers that work at Curu feed them here. The rangers nurse and take care of old or injured animals. Turtles use the beach of Curu to lay their eggs.

You can see Curu is definitely worth the visit. The work the rangers do is very much appreciated. Curu has also eco cabins which you can rent for a couple of days.
The entrance fee to Curu is $10 per person. Pura Vida! When you live in the area of Curu it is common to spot some of these animals in your back yard.

Fun on Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

People sometimes ask me what do you do when you have a day off. Now it really depends on what kind of mood I am in, no I cannot go shopping something I don’t mind at all but I can do other things like visit local beaches, as on the southern Nicoya Peninsula you have a large choice of beaches.

In Tambor you have a wide sandy beach perfect for swimming because it is on a bay with no high waves or undertow. I can go to Cocolito, Montezuma, Cabuya or Las Manchas which all are very nice beaches as well. Cocolito has a waterfall that falls into the ocean, not something you see every day. Las Manchas has natural pools between the rocks.

Montezuma is a lively town with lots of restaurants, bars and shops and features a beautiful waterfall with a canopy tour where you fly over the waterfalls and can swim under them. I sometimes go to Montezuma to have a nice lunch and enjoy the setting.

Cabuya features a natural reserve called Cabo Blanco. This Reserve measures around 3000 acres of mixed forest, classified as moist tropical forest. There more than 150 types of trees identified. You find the most amazing types of trees, there is 1 of the spiny cedars in Cabo Blanco of 165 feet and measures 10 meters in diameter. Besides the trees you can find white-tailed deer, armadillos, anteaters, howler, spider and capuchin monkeys, collared peccary, coyotes, porcupines, raccoons and coatis. Cabo Blanco translated as the white cape also features a white sand beach with beautiful clear waters where fishing is prohibited but snorkeling or scuba diving is great.

Then there is Mal Pais, Santa Teresa, Playa Carmen and Manzanillo. Endless beaches where you can walk for miles and miles and enjoy the most spectacular sunsets you have ever seen. Santa Teresa and Mal Pais have become world famous destinations for their magical atmosphere, breathtaking wild sand beaches and sunsets. Santa Teresa is very well known for its consistent surf all year round with waves from 3 to 10 feet high. Here you will find all kinds of restaurants, bar, shops etc. It is perfect to spend the day, have some nice lunch and finish the day with a beautiful sunset. Lots of surf events take place here where surfers from all over the world come a participate. Manzanillo is a tranquil town with a beautiful beach as well where they do sandcastles competitions every year.

We can also go horseback riding, sport fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, ATV rides, Golf, Tennis, Surfing etc. I am foreigner but I can tell you it is really easy to make friends here so lots of times we just visit friends and hang out with a BBQ or nice drink.

Costa Rica is such a small country where you easily daytrips to go see whatever you want! I am from the city with endless stores etc but if you ask me that is boring, here you can really enjoy nature and life at the fullest. When you come to Playa Tambor to spend your vacation you don’t want to leave.

Life at the beach

Why wait to enjoy life when the opportunities are right in front of you? Lots of people are always dreaming of life in the tropics, but 90% does not follow their dreams because of all kinds of reasons. Some people did, like me and I can tell you this was one the best decisions I made. My life has completely changed, from living a stressful life I am now enjoying life every day. From inhaling smog I live now on the Nicoya Peninsula which is one of the Blue Zones for one of the healthiest lifestyles in the world. I am surrounded by forest and have a 4 km beach 100 yards from my house. The flora and fauna in Tambor, Costa Rica is stunning as well. After 10 years I am still suprised, you see the most beautiful plants and flowers and sometimes I think I live in a zoo with deer, iguanas, monkeys, humming birds, scarlet macaws and more…

So why wait ? Start to think seriously about moving to the Tropics, move to Tambor, Costa Rica.

Los Delfines Golf & Country Club

I am blessed to live here at Los Delfines, every morning I wake up with birds singing or howler monkeys making noise. Totally relaxing environment, with 24/7 security, 4 km beach, underground utilities, golf course, tennis courts and the most spectacular flora and fauna. I can recommend it for people to enjoy a relaxing vacation, retirement or even life. I have seen lots of places in Costa Rica the last 10 years but to my opinion you will not find a similar place like Los Delfines because of the location and amenities.

I invite you to come and visit Los Delfines Golf and Country Club. The beach is on a bay so its perfect for swimming for adults or kids.