What is ANA GOLF in Costa Rica ?

The Sports Association Golfers (ANAGOLF) was founded in 1971 in order to promote and maintain the integrity of golf in Costa Rica. As the official governing body of golf in the entire national territory, ruled by The Royal & Ancient Golf Club in Scotland, ANAGOLF worries about being a serious organization with leadership and convening power. Are fundamental aspects of its mission to integrate golfers of Costa Rica, to represent their interests and promote social practice, formal and sports ethics.

• Mission: ANAGOLF representrante is the body and regulator of golf in Costa Rica. Promotes the sport, in order to increase the number of players and fans, improving the level of courses based on international standards of excellence and ensure the implementation of the rules and the reputation of the sport.
• Vision: We will be the regulatory organization for golf in Costa Rica, with the leadership and credibility to endorse tournaments. We will be searched by golfers for being recognized for partnering and innovation services we provide. Our organization is also making efforts to improve its services and meet the needs of its members and sponsors. Among National Championships and Tournaments Ranking of different categories, ANAGOLF organizes tournaments for over forty years. In its event calendar excel National Championships Medal Play and Match Play, founded and active since 1943 and 1944 respectively. The Horace Kelton Interclub National Championship and the National Championship Pairs and National Championships for Children, Youth, Ladies and Seniors are also part of the list of important tournaments that keep us active throughout the year. Under the guidance and leadership of our Board, we have different committees that oversee the development of the different leagues (Men, Ladies, Seniors, Youth and Children). These bodies oversee the development of their skills and help the player with the definition of the rules and ethics of the game.
One of the most important services offered by the association exclusively for active members is the processing and certification of handicap index (ability). All active members can play official events organized by the association and may also request a certificate to use your handicap abroad.

The association maintains close relationship with the golf courses around the country in order to collaborate with the administration of handicap and get benefits for their members as preferential green fee rates.
In addition to its links with The R & A, the entity that supports their golf development programs, currently ANAGOLF also part of the International Golf Federation (IGF).



Seven resorts of Costa Rica are among the best in Central and South America

Seven hotels resorts in Costa Rica were placed among the top 15 in Central and South America, according to travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler.
According to the ranking published on the website of Condé Nast Traveler, the hotels in Costa Rica that were placed on the list of privilege are the following: Xandari Resort and Spa, Four Seasons Peninsula Papagayo, Hotel Punta Islita, Los Sueños Lodge & Spa, Dreams Marriott Ocean & Golf Resort, Arenas del Mar and the Westin Playa Conchal Resort & Spa.

The magazine presents the Ranking after conducting surveys with readers, which are rated with different aspects such as service, activities, location, rooms, food and others.
The Westin Playa Conchal, highlighted its location between these top 15 resorts in a press release this morning. They said it is the only luxury all-inclusive resort in the region.
“This is a motivating surprise. It is the first time Condé Nast Traveler, U.S. magazine nominates Westin Golf Resort & Spa, Playa Conchal. For the hotel and its employees it is a matter of pride, because for us it is very important to complete with the quality of service and wellness that we promise to our guests”, said general manager Herman Binaghi.

We invite you all to come and visit Costa Rica. Costa Rica has a lot to offer, volcanoes, beautiful beaches, friendly people, interesting real estate, golf, surf, amazing flora and fauna and much more. Come and spend some time in Costa Rica, now you can stay in the best resorts in Central and South America. At this moment we are in a buyers market so there are very good real estate deals available.

Costa Rica unveils Brand New Airspace Management

The International Airport in San Jose, Costa Rica unveiled yesterday a new airspace management, which will ensure safe takeoffs and landings, as well as avoiding the change of routes because of adverse weather conditions. The new system is known worldwide as the Performance Based Navigation (PBN), and Costa Rica becomes the first country in the region with this management.

With PBN airspace managers, formerly known as drivers-may draw more routes for the arrival and departure of an aircraft. Airport authorities say that cases like the waits of up to an hour to free a runway for takeoff will be a thing of the past. In addition, companies such as TACA and Copa, who provided aircraft for testing the PBN, reported savings of up to $ 4,500 in fuel efficiency of the flights. Costa Rica is once again advancing in technology.

Historically, all landings were made in Santamaria on track 7, in the southeast of the airport way (down by La Garita de Alajuela Costa Rica), it was the only way to ensure correct maneuvers for pilots and for drivers. Therefore, the flights coming from destinations such as South America and the Caribbean had to take to La Garita and “flip” to land. Now with the Performance Based Navigation, aircraft may arrive at the airport using runway 25, which starts across the street from Finca Park.

The PBN is a system used by large nations. Here, the new method and satelite was donated by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and costs approximately $ 1 million. The organization chose Costa Rica to manage 40% of air traffic in Central America. Luis Carlos Arce, IATA representative for the region, said that “the airline companies requested that the PBN was used in Costa Rica.

Luis Carlos Araya, Deputy Air Transport, said that with the system, the Juan Santamaría increase its traffic capacity of aircrafts up to 20%. This means that, with the improved space management, it would go from 150 to 180 daily flights. Gradual. Edwin Jimenez, Air Navigation, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, said the official start of operation of the PBN will be December 13th. Before that day Costa Rica will be informing to all aviation authorities that Costa Rica already has satellite system for aircraft control.

Another advantage of the Performance Based Navigation is that even internal processes within Costa Rica Internation airport, as the passage through customs and baggage check will be optimized. How do you achieve that? The computer application measures execution times of these tasks and each area can make the adjustments it deems appropriate.

The Independence Torch arrived in Costa Rica

The independence torch aroused again the feeling of patriotism among thousands of Costa Rican students since yesterday, when she entered Costa Rica.

Dozens of children and students welcomed the torch at the border of Costa RIca with Nicaragua, Peñas Blancas and many others received it in their schools. In addition, about 20,000 bear the torch along the 386 km route to Cartago, where the torch will arrive today at 8 p. m.

One was Alba Marin, student from La Cruz, who even trained specially how to carry the torch. She practices on the beach. As did her teammate Alejandro Espinoza, who said he was very happy to carry the torch for about 200 meters. “It is a very great emotion and a great responsibility,” said the young Tico from Guanacaste, the northern province of Costa Rica.

That pride fueled the residents of La Cruz, who, early on, took to the sidewalks to witness the passing of the torch. Meanwhile, outside the community, kids and adults, with bicycles with flags, escorted the torch to Liberia which is a symbol of freedom.

Even the heavy downpour yesterday at noon did not made them surrender. That uproar seemed to portray the message of hours ago, when Nicaraguan students received the torch. “We must live without differences between the two countries come together in one place,” said Yendry Solorzano a tenth year student of the College of La Fortuna de Bagaces. Those words were shared by other students as well. For them, the flame of liberty must symbolize the desire to revive the Central American countries. After these words, the torch started the journey to Cartago, where it will arrive today at 8 pm.

It is beautiful to see how proud the Ticos are of Costa Rica. Independence day is tomorrow the 15th of September, another national holiday in Costa Rica. Viva the peace in Costa Rica.’

Triathlon in Los Delfines Golf & Country Club Playa Tambor, Costa Rica

Get ready for some action here in Playa Tambor Costa Rica. Tomorrow Los Delfines Golf & Country Club is once more the location of a sport event. In Costa Rica sports which you can practice in the open air are very popular, such as mountain biking, marathons, ATV tours, hiking, but also triathlon. Therefore Costa Rica also sent 1 triathlon athlete to the Olympics in the capital of England, London.

Tomorrow the International Triathlon starts here in Playa Tambor, where they will swim in the Whale Bay or Bahia Ballena which is perfect for the event because there are no high waves nor under currents. They run on the beach and enter Los Delfines Golf & Country Club where they will pass beautiful lakes and will probably appreciate Scarlet Macaws, Blue Jays, Humming Birds, Howler Monkeys and much more. Yes, it is sometimes a zoo here at Los Delfines, Playa Tambor. It is pretty big event and therefore Costa Rica national television, canal 7, will be present and will film obviously the athletes but also the natural tropical sceneries.

I will be present and enjoy the event, all the hotels and cabins in Playa Tambor and surroundings are booked because of this. We are now in the rainy season although it normally only rains sometimes at night, therefore everything is very lush but the humidity factor is pretty high making it even harder for the athletes. Because we live in this beautiful natural setting for us there is no need to go look for a place to practice sports. We live steps from the beach and can play golf, tennis, basketball, soccer or even practice triathlon and living in the very unique blue zone can it get any healthier than this?

So tomorrow at Playa Tambor, Costa Rica the event starts at 1 pm with the category for children first and at 2.30 pm the Olympic and Sport category. Athletes from Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Panama and obviously Costa Rica will participate. All participants are approved by the united federation of Triathlon. Hopefully Costa Rica can show how it needs to be done!

Life steps from the beach and golf course in Tambor, Costa Rica.

Imagine walking or relaxing on the beach or swimming in the ocean after playing 18 holes on a spectacular golf course surrounded by flora and fauna, scarlet macaws, deer, blue birds, monkeys and colourful flowers. At Los Delfines Golf & Country Club in Playa Tambor on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica this is a normal day well spend. You add to this having a drink or bite to eat at the 19th hole in the clubhouse or a delicious pizza at the pizzeria on the beach.

Los Delfines Golf & Country Club in Playa Tambor, Costa Rica is a beautiful place to live or spend your vacation because of the convenience, all infrastructure in place, 24/7 security, tropical beach, flora & fauna, golf course, access, rental opportunities, property management, peace, tennis, basketball courts and much more. At Los Delfines Golf and Country Club, you will experience the charms of a tropical setting with a beach which stretches for more than 3 miles.

The best part of all this that you can purchase a home at very reasonble prices. There are also short and long term rentals available.

We have the following duplex homes for sale. The villa measures 100 m2 or 1,100 sq ft of construction including the roofed terraces, featuring 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, dining-living room, front and back terrace overlooking the front and large back yard. The villa sits on a 500 sq meter lot (1/8 acre). These villas are in very good shape as they were recently remodeled, repainted, they changed all the lights, clean up both front and back yard, revarnished all closets and doors. In the kitchen and bathrooms they placed brand new Granite counter tops and stainless steel sinks and new fossets.

The price for these particular units is only $115,000 which is below market value. The owner is willing to finance the purchase as in house financing. Ask Century 21 Beach Area Properties for more information on this villa or any other type of real estate in Costa Rica.

Closing Costs when buying Real Estate in Costa Rica

When you plan to purchase a property in Costa Rica, you need to know what needs to be paid. In Costa Rica it is a normal practice that the buyers pays the closing costs, the seller only pays his own attorneys legal fees. On the other hand the seller pays the commission to the broker 100%.

We at Century 21 Beach Area Properties will only offer you clean properties with title. For example when to purchase a property within Los Delfines you will own the property outright, the title (deed) of the property will be transferred to your name or corporation. Because the property will be yours, you can remodel and upgrade your home in your own style. The properties are registered at the public registry!

Some sellers offer to sell the corporation that holds the property, this means you will be buying the shares of the company. You have the option to purchase the existing company or transfer the property to your personal name.

1. Buying real estate in Costa Rica through direct transfer: A purchase process whereby one or more physical individuals acquire a property in their personal name.

2. Buying real estate in Costa Rica through corporations: A common practice in Costa Rica is to buy real estate through a new corporation or through an existing corporation that currently owns the property. The process of forming a corporation is not difficult, but does require a knowledgeable and reliable attorney who understands the exact protocols and procedures necessary to properly set up the corporation. The big advantage of this method is that it allows a purchaser to protect their asset anonymously.

If a buyer buys real estate through an existing corporation that already owns the property, it will save you money as there are no government transfer taxes and stamps to pay. The reason is that property transfer taxes and stamps must be paid in Costa Rica anytime that there is a change in the ownership of the real estate. If a buyer acquires the shares of an existing corporation, there will be no change in the ownership of the property.

However, if you buy real estate through forming a new corporation to buy the property, the transfer taxes and stamps will need to be paid because the ownership of the property will change.

There is a risk involved buying the shares of an existing corporation becuase there is no way to verify 100% that the corporation is clean, although most properties have just an inactive holding company.

The closing cost for a direct transfer are as follows

*Legal Stamps: 1% of the contract price.

*Property Transfer Taxes: 1.50% of the contract price.

*Notary Fees: 1.25% from the total real price (negotiable)

Therefore ask your realtor in Costa Rica what is the best option for you.

Mal Pais, Costa Rica

Mal Pais, Costa Rica — Best Beaches in Nicoya

Mal Pais is one of the more famous beaches in Costa Rica where you can learn or practice the sport of surfing while enjoying white sand beaches, tide pools and ocean breezes with a backdrop of splendid tropical nature. This marvelous place on the Nicoya Peninsula has captured the hearts of international guests for its spectacular beauty and memorable sunsets. Mal Pais is rapidly becoming a hot spot of interest as famous celebrities have begun popping up around town and on the beaches.

mal país costa rica

mal país costa rica

In recent years the area experienced an injection of monetary investment resulting in provision of a wide range of comfort for every level of tourism.

Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve borders on the eastern edge of town which is mostly residential and creates an optimum balance with nature. The original town was primarily a small fishing village. Today, the fishing harbor of Mal Pais boasts a fleet of small boats which continues to provide sport fishing, boat tours and fresh caught fish for the local residents and restaurants.

Montezuma Beach, Costa Rica

The oldest established tourist destination on the southern Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, Montezuma is a small town located on the shore just inside the Gulf of Nicoya only a few kilometers east of the tip and Cabo Blanco Reserve.

The beautiful sand beaches along this part of the coast are of southern exposure to the Pacific Ocean. Montezuma is yet another town geared for tourism.

Well known for its exuberant and diverse nightlife, Montezuma is an international tourist destination with a European flair and artsy feel to it. Downtown is home to a variety of boutiques featuring local arts, and crafts and some unique waterfront bars and restaurants. One of the better restaurant on the Nicoya Peninsula you can find here in Montezuma. There is one that is called Playa Los Artistas, which is a beachfront restaurant and the food and setting is just amazing. On the beach of Montezuma there is bar with dancing and sometimes live performances, the bar is called “chicos” which is very popular.

Traditionally known as a backpacker’s town , many young people come to Montezuma to enjoy fun in the sun. On an average accommodations here range from small to medium budget hotel rooms. Restaurants are abundant and the food is diverse, from local fare to international cuisine. You can either get a hamburger or lobster, whatever you prefer.
There are enough activities to keep visitors busy. Horseback rides and ATV rentals are popular and there is a magnificent waterfall, located a short walk from the center of Montezuma.

Montezuma is only 30 minutes from Tambor and I go there on regular basis, either to enjoy the beach, have lunch, dinner or go dancing. The road from Tambor to Cobano is paved and from Cobano to Montezuma the road is being improved right now making it very accessible. Come to Montezuma in Costa Rica and enjoy!


Surfing in Santa Teresa

Getting ready to Surf the waves in Santa Teresa.

Before you jump in the waters of Santa Teresa, Mal Pais or Cabuya in Costa Rica and try to surf you should warm up first. Approaching our trance intuitive dance on the water, standing on the beach and starting to feel this hunger for surf as we look at our fellow surfers enjoying the waves we can’t wait to join this party. We want to prepare the physical body to dance and avoid injury.

What we aim to do is to prepare the spine and main joints that will be challenged, circulating synovial fluid, alubricant for the joint surface that decreases friction during movement and noursihing the joint structures.

Take a comfortable stance. On the beach of Santa Teresa it will not be hard to comfortable place to do the excersises. Hold your elbows with the alternate palms, keeping the shoulders leveled. Inhale deeply, and on the exhalation turn your head to the right, keeping the chin parallel to the earth. Inhale as you flow back to the center, exhale and turn your head to the left, allowing the eyes to lead the head deeper. Repeat this 3 times.

On an exhalation, keeping the shoulders leveled, tilt your head to the right, bringing the right ear toward right shoulder. Inhale back to the center and exhale all the way to the left. Repeat 3 times.

Bend your legs and place your palms on the thights above your knees. Inhale as you curve your back, allowing the spine to depress, and look forward. Exhale as you reverse the action, slowly and fluently arching your back towards the chest. Again repeat this 3 times.

Come upright with a deep inhalation, allowing the spine to open slowly, vetebra by vetebra and open your arms to the sides and all the way backward. Interlock your fingers behind your back. Feel your chest opens. Straight your legs.

Keeping your palms locked and feet paralell and rooted into the earth, exhale and turn your torso and head to the right, bringing the chin toward the right shoulder. Inhale and flow to the center.

Exhale and flow to the left. Feel the outer edges of your feet rooted down to the sand. Inhale back to center. Repeat 3 times

Join your feet together, bend your legs and bring your palms down on your knees. Start circulating your knees, keeping them together and bent feel your weight shifting from one foot to the other practicing the feet and ankles. Change direction.

Slowly step one foot slightly backward, maintaining balance, placing the upper part of the tows on the sand, stretching the upper foot. Change stepping your left foot back.

Now, after your session, find the time to practise the following poses.

Shoulderstand, stretches the neck and upper sine, counter acting surfing, encourages deep abdominal breathing, bringing rich oxygeneated blood into the shoulders, upper back and neck. Stay for 60 seconds and breath deeply.

Warming up before you go surfing

Plough, completes the movement of the shoulderstand. The pose shares many of the shoulderstand effects, it gives flexibility to the spine and neck, nourishes the spinal nerves, and strengthens the back, shoulder and arm muscles while releasing tension. Hold for 60 seconds.

Fish, the most known counter pose to the shoulderstand series. Having stretched the neck and upper spine in the shoulderstand and plough, you now compress them as your arch back, lengthening the troat, relieving stiffness in your neck and shoulder muscles while opening the chest to the deeper breath. Hold for 60 seconds.

This article was written by a surf instructor in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

Now you should be ready to jump in the water and enjoy the excellent waves on the Nicoya Peninsula at Santa Teresa.