Costa Rica is the greenest and happiest country in the world

Costa Rica is the greenest and happiest country in the world, according to the Happy Planet Index published Saturday 4 julio/09, and as reported by The New Economics Foundation.

With pleasure I announce this information on the country where I lived twenty-one years. Our problems are minor, comparing to the other countries in Central American who need to deal with gunshot wounds, poverty, injustice, inequality. The Ticos in comparison are living in paradise.

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We are not saying that people living in Costa Rica are the happiest. The index measures the ecological efficiency that would have long lives and bring happiness to all citizens. It is a happiness gained from the ecological point of view, as green country, and life expectancy.
The report looks at 143 countries and measures how many resources the planet uses every nation, and well-being and life expectancy of citizens.
Of a total of 100 points, a kind of ultimate happiness environmentally sustainable, yet humanity remains at just 49 points.
In this list, and according to those parameters Western nations, seen as the most “successful” of the world, do not occupy the highest places. Switzerland is low at site 52, France 71 and U.S. slips to 114.

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“The Happy Planet Index can not measure everything,” said Abdallah. “And one thing you do not measure very well is war. Because the war, especially that kind of internal war or social conflict, does not affect all people within a country. ”
In short: Money from rich countries does not do everything for the happiness of its citizens.

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Ecology, key factor in Costa Rica – What makes the index is to measure the environmental efficiency that would have long lives and happiness for all people.
“The UK only produces 4.5% of electricity of sustainable energy, while in Costa Rica it is 99%. “Many countries in Latin America produce more clean energy than in Europe”.
The most important health problems in Costa Rica from the point of view of progress attainable are associated to some extent neglected diseases such as diabetes and cervical cancer in women and traffic accidents in men. Although there are other causes of death that cost lives, being preventable cause mortality in Costa Rica compared to other countries. Gastric cancer is another plague that claims many more lives in Costa Rica than in other nations, but life expectancy at birth is about 78.5%. In the Savior walks by 71%. In this connection only Canada beats Costa Rica with 80% of life expectancy at birth.
“Western countries generally do have the highest welfare standards in the world, but they succeed deteriorating natural resources to the maximum. Do you need to destroy the world to succeed to be happy?

“If we want to live a happy live, and no longer want damage to the Earth, think of Costa Rica. For real estate in Costa Rica, go to

Seven resorts of Costa Rica are among the best in Central and South America

Seven hotels resorts in Costa Rica were placed among the top 15 in Central and South America, according to travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler.
According to the ranking published on the website of Condé Nast Traveler, the hotels in Costa Rica that were placed on the list of privilege are the following: Xandari Resort and Spa, Four Seasons Peninsula Papagayo, Hotel Punta Islita, Los Sueños Lodge & Spa, Dreams Marriott Ocean & Golf Resort, Arenas del Mar and the Westin Playa Conchal Resort & Spa.

The magazine presents the Ranking after conducting surveys with readers, which are rated with different aspects such as service, activities, location, rooms, food and others.
The Westin Playa Conchal, highlighted its location between these top 15 resorts in a press release this morning. They said it is the only luxury all-inclusive resort in the region.
“This is a motivating surprise. It is the first time Condé Nast Traveler, U.S. magazine nominates Westin Golf Resort & Spa, Playa Conchal. For the hotel and its employees it is a matter of pride, because for us it is very important to complete with the quality of service and wellness that we promise to our guests”, said general manager Herman Binaghi.

We invite you all to come and visit Costa Rica. Costa Rica has a lot to offer, volcanoes, beautiful beaches, friendly people, interesting real estate, golf, surf, amazing flora and fauna and much more. Come and spend some time in Costa Rica, now you can stay in the best resorts in Central and South America. At this moment we are in a buyers market so there are very good real estate deals available.

Ocean View Home for sale at very Low Price near Montezuma, Costa Rica

You can find all real estate for sale in Tambor, Montezuma, Mal Pais, Santa Teresa and surroundings on our website but this is an opportunity I want to bring to your attention.

An Ocean View home in Playa los Cedros, at 300 yards from the beach and very close to the natural reserve of Cabo Blanco. The property is also near Montezuma, where you can find stores, restaurants, hotels, bars and boutiques. You can find very good waves close to the property which makes this an ideal location for surfers. Playa Los Cedros has beautiful waves, they give surf lessons here at Playa Los Cedros. There is also a mountain road that will take you to Mal Pais and Santa Teresa which we all know is famous in Costa Rica for surfing.

This house features three bedroom and is fully furnished. The first floor features the living and dining area including a kitchen with granite countertops. There is also a half bath on the ground floor. The second floor comes with two bedrooms, one bathroom, and the laundry area. The 3rd floor is the Master bedroom with in suite bathroom with a huge double balcony to enjoy spectacular views of the Pacific. You have a constant breeze, so although there is air conditioning throughout the house you can just open the windows. This home has a little terrace and a refreshing swimming pool.

The best part of all this is the price, the sellers are very motivated and are not able to come to Costa Rica and therefore put a price on the property to sell as soon as possible. The asking price is $145,000 for this ocean view home close to the beach in Costa Rica. This is unheard of. When you do not use this property you can rent the property as well. Property management is available.

If you wish any information on this property or any other real estate on the Nicoya Peninsula, visit the website of Century 21 Beach Area Properties

Closing Costs when buying Real Estate in Costa Rica

When you plan to purchase a property in Costa Rica, you need to know what needs to be paid. In Costa Rica it is a normal practice that the buyers pays the closing costs, the seller only pays his own attorneys legal fees. On the other hand the seller pays the commission to the broker 100%.

We at Century 21 Beach Area Properties will only offer you clean properties with title. For example when to purchase a property within Los Delfines you will own the property outright, the title (deed) of the property will be transferred to your name or corporation. Because the property will be yours, you can remodel and upgrade your home in your own style. The properties are registered at the public registry!

Some sellers offer to sell the corporation that holds the property, this means you will be buying the shares of the company. You have the option to purchase the existing company or transfer the property to your personal name.

1. Buying real estate in Costa Rica through direct transfer: A purchase process whereby one or more physical individuals acquire a property in their personal name.

2. Buying real estate in Costa Rica through corporations: A common practice in Costa Rica is to buy real estate through a new corporation or through an existing corporation that currently owns the property. The process of forming a corporation is not difficult, but does require a knowledgeable and reliable attorney who understands the exact protocols and procedures necessary to properly set up the corporation. The big advantage of this method is that it allows a purchaser to protect their asset anonymously.

If a buyer buys real estate through an existing corporation that already owns the property, it will save you money as there are no government transfer taxes and stamps to pay. The reason is that property transfer taxes and stamps must be paid in Costa Rica anytime that there is a change in the ownership of the real estate. If a buyer acquires the shares of an existing corporation, there will be no change in the ownership of the property.

However, if you buy real estate through forming a new corporation to buy the property, the transfer taxes and stamps will need to be paid because the ownership of the property will change.

There is a risk involved buying the shares of an existing corporation becuase there is no way to verify 100% that the corporation is clean, although most properties have just an inactive holding company.

The closing cost for a direct transfer are as follows

*Legal Stamps: 1% of the contract price.

*Property Transfer Taxes: 1.50% of the contract price.

*Notary Fees: 1.25% from the total real price (negotiable)

Therefore ask your realtor in Costa Rica what is the best option for you.

When buying real estate in Costa Rica

How should you buy real estate in Costa Rica?

The thought of real estate in Costa Rica is exciting! Whether you are planning retirement or to try and run a business it is definitely worth the extra time to know where you are buying and to do all the proper investigation before you make that big step to buy!

Just recently Josefina and her husband Edwin were coming to Costa Rica from Paris France to buy real estate and retire here. They looked at many different lots with one of the local realtors but in the end bought their dream property directly from the owner. Now the owner, who was very cordial and nice told them they did not need a realtor to buy his property. In the end, the couple thought they were saving a substantial amount of money not having to pay a realtor. Edwin was very polite and explained the situation to the realtor even though she suggested that he be very careful that there were many details and property studies that should be done.

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real estate in Costa Rica

The real estate was purchased and the owner ecstatic with his sell and back to the EEUU he went. However, recently Edwin called back his realtor to explain to her that his property was tied up at the municipality as there were leans on the property that Edwin and Josefina did not know about.

In the end, the money they saved not paying commission to the realtor they are now spending with lawyers to get their property legal!! Remember your realtor is here to help you avoid getting scammed! Also take in consideration that the seller pays the commission, not the buyer. And a licensed realtor knows the deals and how to negotiate the best price. Make sure that your real estate in Costa Rica is the right one and done the right way!

Costa Rica Real Estate Market Report 2011

With the fall in the prices of Real Estate, there has never been a better moment to invest in Costa Rica, and now due to the changes in the market a new type of investor is emerging.

With the end of the  “no money down mortage age”, the current buyers are different; they are no longer the speculators and flippers. These new players on the real estate market have their own savings or genuine income, are serious buyers and they are very often near retirement age.

This client would much rather spend their valuable time enjoying a natural relaxing environment with all the comforts and amenities of a residential community. In other words it is not the adventurous investor that used to come as pioneers to dedicate their entire time to the design and development of their project; today buyers are looking for a product they already are familiar with, something that is already done. Already has permits and infrastructure in place, ready to be lived in or used an income generating property.

The new trend buyers are leaning toward are gated residential communities but, in contrast to North America, in Costa Rica the maintenance fees for residential communities are substantially lower, with much less restrictions. The most common form of condominium in Costa Rica is the mixed use development, which consists of duplex homes, free standing homes, town homes as well as the traditional multi family building. Each individual home can be subdivided and independently registered to its owner. Los Delfines Golf & Country Club is a good example.

Contact Century 21 Beach Area Properties if you are looking for real estate in Costa Rica.


Use Professional to Purchase Property in Costa Rica

We highly recommend you to use a professional licensed realtor to guide you when you are looking for a property in Costa Rica. Some clients are under the impression you pay more if you use a broker. Well, this is NOT the case, first of all the Seller pays the commission and a professional knows how to negotiate the best price. Sellers in Costa Rica often have no idea what the real value of their property is. Owners are waiting for a foreigner with lots of money that will pay whatever they are asking. Unfortunately some foreigners did pay way too much for their property and property owners know this. Don’t make the same mistake > Do not think twice and get professional advice!

We at Century 21 Beach Area Properties go beyond just advice, being the first Real Estate company on the Southern Half of the Nicoya Peninsula we will give you all the information you need with regards to real estate, life in Costa Rica, banking, residency, cars, traveling, taxes, insurance, rentals, health care and much more. It is more than just buying a property if you never lived in Costa Rica before. We will also only show you properties that have clean title as we perform a due diligence study before we list the property, we check if there are any liens or annotations on the property. We will give you all the information you need with regards to the property and will recommend you to use your own attorney for legal advice. We have worked with lots of attorneys and notaries and from experience we know the ones you should use and ones you should not. We will make the written offers and contracts which will be reviewed by yourself and your attorney before we present it to the sellers. Using our services will guarantee you to have a smooth, safe and secure purchase!

We always recommend you to first travel through Costa Rica so you can decide where you would like to have a property. We at Century 21 have offices throughout the country. Pura Vida and have a great day!

Life at the beach

Why wait to enjoy life when the opportunities are right in front of you? Lots of people are always dreaming of life in the tropics, but 90% does not follow their dreams because of all kinds of reasons. Some people did, like me and I can tell you this was one the best decisions I made. My life has completely changed, from living a stressful life I am now enjoying life every day. From inhaling smog I live now on the Nicoya Peninsula which is one of the Blue Zones for one of the healthiest lifestyles in the world. I am surrounded by forest and have a 4 km beach 100 yards from my house. The flora and fauna in Tambor, Costa Rica is stunning as well. After 10 years I am still suprised, you see the most beautiful plants and flowers and sometimes I think I live in a zoo with deer, iguanas, monkeys, humming birds, scarlet macaws and more…

So why wait ? Start to think seriously about moving to the Tropics, move to Tambor, Costa Rica.