Costa Rica celebrates the 50th year of the protected areas.

Cabo Blanco Costa Rica Sign

In Cóbano , near Cabo Blanco , the first protected area in the country ,  the National Parks Day was celebrated.

As part of the activities leading to the holding Tempisque Conservation Area there was an environmental fair at the municipal gym Cóbano , Puntarenas district on the Nicoya Peninsula .

Cabo Blanco Costa Rica

At the show visitors admire work related to ecosystem services that provide the protected areas . Also teach the national community how we conserve natural resources .

They recognized the work of the rangers by award three merit award categories , Award award for effort and perseverance. Rangers also participate in cultural activities , lectures , stories and photo exhibition , among others.

Cabo Blanco Tiger Costa Rica

In June 1972 began the process of selectionof the first two official country rangers , Carlos Castrillo Castrillo & Sunday Centeno.

Within the framework of the 50th Anniversary of the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve , the National Day of the National Park was held together with Cóbano community ,

The official ceremony was held on August 24 at the Municipal Gym of that community , with the presence of government officials, local authorities , park rangers , NGOs and the community.

Cabo Blanco White Face Monkey
It also will mark the 50th anniversary of the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve , located about 20 kilometers west of Cóbano , as the first wildlife protected area of Costa Rica, which began with the historic decision to preserve and protect our nature in 1963.

“It seeks to recognize the contribution that the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve and other protected areas after followed, have provided through the Environmental Services at local , regional , national, and international at 50 years after its creation “said Nelson Marin , regional director of the Conservation Area Tempisque .

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Meanwhile Rafael Gutierrez , executive director Sinac said that our country has a treasure worthy of being enjoyed and protected by all citizens . In their knowledge and defense, we could say that the key is to learn how to live in Costa Rica .

Cabo Blanco National Park


The Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica you can enjoy the Caribbean as well as the Pacific beaches. On the Pacific Coast you can find the Nicoya Peninsula which is the largest in Costa Rica and is located just south of the Northern Pacific Coast. The northern half of the Nicoya Peninsula is part of the province of Guanacaste and the southern half is Puntarenas. The Nicoya Peninsula is home to some of the most spectacular beaches and therefore is the most popular tourist destination in Costa Rica specially for everybody that wants to enjoy the sun and beach.

On the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica you can find everything from beautiful nature reserves and wildlife refuges to high end beach resorts, cultural towns, fields full with cattle, pineapples, corn etc, excellent waves for surfing and much more.

How to get to the Nicoya Peninsula; there are two international airports in Costa Rica “Daniel Oduber” in Liberia or “Juan Santamaria” in the capital San Jose. When you are in Costa Rica you can take a commuter flight to the Tambor Aiport or Samara Domestic airports, depending on which part of the peninsula you wish to explore. The Tambor Airport in situated next to the all inclusive resort Barceló Playa Tambor and Los Delfines Golf & Country Club, a recommendation to pay a visit.

With a warm climate year round, the Nicoya Peninsula is known for its great weather. Do keep in mind that during the rainy season from April to November several roads can get pretty tricky and sometimes impassable. You can drive to Puntarenas and take the Ferry which runs 6-8 times per day towards Paquera. The drive from San Jose to Puntarenas will take you on the new highway about 1 hour and 15 minutes, the ferry ride also takes you about 1 hour. The Ferry passes several island which is a beautiful scenery. Though this can often mean a long trip, it is well worth it, as the beaches on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica are secluded and just spectacular.

Come and visit the Peninsula for rest and relaxation, or to play golf, tennis, kayaking, bird watching, hiking, mountain biking etc. If you are looking to spend some time on the beach we recommend the tiny beach villages Tambor, Montezuma and Mal País that have blossomed into amazing towns. My personal favorite is Los Delfines Golf & Country Club in Tambor. Close to Tambor you can find other beautiful beach town such as is Mal Pais, Montezuma, Playa Manzanillo, Cabuya, Coyote, Playa Samara, Playa Caletas.

Life steps from the beach and golf course in Tambor, Costa Rica.

Imagine walking or relaxing on the beach or swimming in the ocean after playing 18 holes on a spectacular golf course surrounded by flora and fauna, scarlet macaws, deer, blue birds, monkeys and colourful flowers. At Los Delfines Golf & Country Club in Playa Tambor on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica this is a normal day well spend. You add to this having a drink or bite to eat at the 19th hole in the clubhouse or a delicious pizza at the pizzeria on the beach.

Los Delfines Golf & Country Club in Playa Tambor, Costa Rica is a beautiful place to live or spend your vacation because of the convenience, all infrastructure in place, 24/7 security, tropical beach, flora & fauna, golf course, access, rental opportunities, property management, peace, tennis, basketball courts and much more. At Los Delfines Golf and Country Club, you will experience the charms of a tropical setting with a beach which stretches for more than 3 miles.

The best part of all this that you can purchase a home at very reasonble prices. There are also short and long term rentals available.

We have the following duplex homes for sale. The villa measures 100 m2 or 1,100 sq ft of construction including the roofed terraces, featuring 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, dining-living room, front and back terrace overlooking the front and large back yard. The villa sits on a 500 sq meter lot (1/8 acre). These villas are in very good shape as they were recently remodeled, repainted, they changed all the lights, clean up both front and back yard, revarnished all closets and doors. In the kitchen and bathrooms they placed brand new Granite counter tops and stainless steel sinks and new fossets.

The price for these particular units is only $115,000 which is below market value. The owner is willing to finance the purchase as in house financing. Ask Century 21 Beach Area Properties for more information on this villa or any other type of real estate in Costa Rica.

Enjoy your new life in Costa Rica now!

Lots of people think about retiring in paradise or at least escape the horrible winters and spend them on the beach with a cocktail. Unfortunately it is a natural habit to hesitate and think of all the negative things that could happen and at the end what you do is wait and delay your dreams.

I agree 100% that you need think good about if you want to relocate to Costa Rica for example. You should also do research and ask your realtor in Costa Rica any questions or doubts you may have. Look obviously for a reliable, licensed broker. But do not wait to long with making a decision, because it has happened to us on several occassions that people have been waiting for months or years to take the next step and when they finally make the decision to come to Costa Rica to purchase a property or rent a home they are unable to realize their dream because of sickness, mortality, downfall in stock market, accident etc. Enjoy life now, before it is too late.

Remember that the Nicoya Peninsula is located in the Blue Zone. This means we have the healthiest climate in the world. It is actually a proven fact people live longer on the Nicoya Peninsula. I am from Europe where everybody always gets a flue or cold during the cold months, here on the Nicoya Peninsula I can count the days I have been sick on one hand during 10 years.

There are many people of a 100 years or older on the Nicoya Peninsula and therefore the Blue Zone team spent around 9 months here to do a research to discover just what gives Costa Rica and particulary the Nicoya Peninsula a quality of life that provides it’s people a very long life. It is not only the lifestyle, including raising your own fresh foods, but air and water quality, and family are very important point to live a long healthy life.

Dont wait, come to Costa Rica and enjoy a long healthy life !


Cobano on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica

Cobano is a busy town, considered being the hub with lots of action here on the southern Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. Cobano is our main shopping town where you will find just about everything you will need from fresh fruit, meat and fish to several imported products along with everyhting from clothing and appliance stores, to hamburger, taco joints and a variety of pubs, hotels and restaurants. Also if you are looking for professionals, such as topographers, attorneys, mecanics Cobano is the place to be. The Banco Nacional is present, as well as a Post Office and Bus Stop with services to the San Jose International Airport.

cobano costa rica

cobano costa rica

There is also a full service farmacy and a hospital as well as private doctors, dentists etc.
From December until April Cobano hosts lots of parties including Bull Riding, Civic Festivities, Horse Shows, Parades, Dances which is an important social aspect of the culture in Costa Rica.

You will pass Cobano when you go the the popular beaches, such as Montezuma, Santa Teresa, Mal Pais, Manzanillo, Cabuya and Cabo Blanco. Because the beach towns are growing Cobano is expanding as well. They are now building a small commercial center, in the middle of Cobano.

Cobano also has a private bilingual school and kindergarden, with both foreign as well as local teachers.

Cobano is located at 20 minutes from Tambor and 45 minutes from the Ferry terminal of Paquera. Because you are not at the beach and therefore do not have the ocean breeze it can get pretty hot in Cobano. The people in Cobano are very friendly and will be very helpful if you need anything.

Personally I go to Cobano for grocery shopping, once in a while have lunch and of course enjoy the festivities as they are very popular and are lots of fun.