Barack Obama in Costa Rica

Powerful President Barack Obama, arrived yesterday in Costa Rica with a wad of praise for Costa Rica, to the point qualify as “an outstanding candidate” to enter into the forums of developed countries.

Obama in Costa Rica

From Mexico, Obama fulfilled his program yesterday with complete punctuality. He arrived at 1:50 p.m. at the airport surrounded by curious people and an hour later he was sitting in the meeting with his host, Laura Chinchilla, offering support and intentions to add to Costa Rica to the “rich countries club”.

It is known as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the forum to which the government intends to enter Chinchilla to leverage further growth of its economy and its competitiveness.

Obama in Costa Rica

Two hours later, Obama and Chinchilla gave a press conference for nearly 50 minutes the USA President praised Costa Rica as a “leader” in human rights, education, democracy, press freedom and free trade.

Costa Rica would be a good candidate to join the OECD, but not to openly said that Washington would vote in favor of membership policy for the group of 34 countries based in Paris.

“We will continue to support Costa Rica to continue expanding its influence,” Obama said at the press conference, standing two meters from Chinchilla, who minutes later thanked him for the “expressed support”.

The Minister of Communications Francisco Chacón, said later that Obama did pledge his support in the bilateral meeting.

Laura Chinchilla Obama

This support also applies to the government’s intentions to enter another forum called Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), it could increase its competitiveness in conjunction with American and Asian countries, on both sides, Caribbean and Pacific Ocean.

Getting the support of the United States was one of the objectives of the president of Costa Rica and her ministers for a visit focused on the concept of “joint economic development,” leaving in the third line the drug trade and organized crime.

We do not want the issue of security define our relationship, “they both said at different times, as if they had agreed to make it clear to the press attentive to the seventh visit by a U.S. president to Costa Rica.

Asked about the cost assumed by U.S. drug trafficking (responsible for more than 140,000 deaths in Centroaméricas in the last ten years) Obama said his country has also suffered in the U.S.. “We are not exempt” said seconds before securing he is not intending to militarize the fight against drug smuggling on the continent.

It was after 5:30 p. m. and raining. San Jose was paralyzed and sealed by the security device, the remaining six Central American leaders were already en route to the National Theatre for a multilateral meeting with no script or rehearsals. Before Barack Obama left he said the typical Costa Rican saying ‘pura vida “.

US president in Costa Rica

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